Vodafone Improves Your International Rate Prepaid

After seeing improvements in card world of Orange extending the options to browse, Vodafone responds with the lowering of rates in 18 destinations along with improvement of the bond data of your International rate for prepaid card users and thus to continue competing with MVNOs like Lebara, Digi, Hits, Llamaya Lebara, Lyca Mobile, or similar offers that we also find in Movistar and Telstra.

The rate keeps calls National 0 cents minute with 18.15 cents of establishment during the 7 days after each refueling while the rest of days apply to 7.26 cents per minute (more 30.25 cents/establishment). In terms of international calls, remain calls from 1.21 cents min, focusing the improvements especially in reduce calls to mobile.

In addition, Vodafone replaces the previous bonus of 150 MB with a new option of 300 MB valid for 30 days for 5 euros (VAT included) against the 4.84 euros it cost so far. To activate the tariff can request checking free 313 # and call key while if you want to hire the bonus data, you can do so through the sequence * 31322 # and call button.

The complete range of rates prepaid Vodafone can find it in this link, leaving the details of the international rates the following prices per minute: