Vodafone Increases The Megs Yu: Up to 1.5 GB for Surfing in Prepaid

Tired of losing line month after month of prepayment according to Vodafone, the attendant premiered in October its brand low cost Vodafone yu: trying to attract the attention of young people including only by charging 10 euros, unlimited calls between yu: e Internet that today increases the traffic at maximum speed for all customers.

After the improvements, the rate 8 smart moves from 200 MB to 500 MB, Smart 12 from 600 MB to 1 GB and Smart 16 which passes from 1 GB to 1.5 GB while keeping the excess traffic for 30 days with the speed reduced to 64 KBps up to September, moment in which will begin to be charged 3 cents per additional MB.

If with yu:, Vodafone had gotten that certain kinds of customers would be more attracted by the prepayment that rates based on contract without permanence, with improvements that already have been applied automatically to existing and new clients, increasingly becomes more necessary an increase in minutes included at least in the Baseline2 to equate with prepayment conditions and end the difference between few minutes away from the Base or the network unlimited minutes.

With this new push to yu:, Vodafone strengthens its brand low cost rates that remind us of the latest rates for Tuenti and opens a new front to improve prepayment where Telstra has already moved tab and the other operators should not take to react.