Vodafone Increases to 1 GB The Ability of All Base Fares But Be Charged Excess

The increase in the consumption of data from your smartphone to the detriment of users voice calls is causing that operators begin to pay increasingly more important the MB included in their rates to speak and surf, placing the minimum that is beginning to be usual in 1 GB as Tuenti began more than one year ago but over time they have also followed others like Telstra, Happy mobile, Amena, Pepephone or MÁSMOVIL.

After rumors about certain improvements, we can now confirm all changes that apply Vodafone from 25 March to their REDvolución rates both for new and for existing customers automatically doubling the number of included SMS and equating to 1 GB internet capacity in the three Base rates, increasing to 2 free multiSIM network3 rate and as unexpected surprise, fail to reduce speed to collect excess.

Unlimited calls make disappear the mobile internet unlimited

At a time when revenues from calls are sentenced to continue declining inexorably and the source of income by data is called to replace it with the years; time ago that countries such as the US removed “flat rates” mobile Internet (see rates AT & T and Verizon) to prevent an imbalance of income While unrelated to this possibility, in Spain we alardeábamos have almost unlimited rates that only reduced in cases of congestion point although in practice we’ve been seeing as they have been blurring.

And is that little by little the speed restrictions have become lowering most connections at 64 Kbps but the alarm has been tripped with the unexpected twist of Vodafone you could be dialing a new reality that face a year after the beginning of the end of subsidies.

Vodafone will begin to collect data in their rates for prepaid excess seems to not have been a timely made if not the beginning of a measure which will also affect from June 1, 2013, to the three Base rates contract that will reduce speed to 64 Kbps in case of overcome the giga, to start charging 2 euro each 100 MB If not hire some of the extra bonus of 500 MB per additional 1GB for 9 euros or 5 euros.

At the moment the NETWORK rates, as unlimited known, remain without limit of minutes, SMS or consumed MB but in that case we not fight for the reduction of speed to 64 Kbps (or 32 Kbps for the network companies) that the practice means that you can download a few MB more although it guarantees Arae.

Vodafone will continue warning via SMS as usual when you have consumed 90% and 100% of your bonus data to avoid surprises but?will be able to more inexperienced users control their data consumption or will we witness those exorbitant scares on Bill that occurred before the arrival of the “unlimited” rates? Would not have been preferable to cutting the connection so that each user hired extra bonus who believed necessary and thus at least avoid the uncertainty that can create a single case of excessive Bill?

After the changes in REDvolución details

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