Vodafone May Continue to Call The Unlimited to Fares Network and Postpones The Payment by Calling Customer Service

Yesterday, we saw as Amena eliminated minutes of their “unlimited” fees limit to comply with the request of self-control and today we have been able to confirm how Vodafone He has done the same after being denounced in order to maintain that their NETWORK tariffs include unlimited SMS & minutes.

Vodafone therefore eliminates the limitation of a maximum of 120 minutes per call and although it allowed hang and recall to avoid the cost, he clashed with advertising that claimed to be an unlimited rate. This enhancement of conditions is attached to the disappearance of the more than 6,000 minutes and 1,500 SMS that these rates were initially announced in his official presentation and that never came to know.

Now all the unlimited market rates really have unlimited minutes and already they only make distinction in the maximum allowed number of destinations and that only limited amount of different numbers to which we can call every month:

Only free telephone customer service until July

The Vodafone REDvolución brought with it two negative aspects compared to the other operators: the payment of the invoice of paper if you do not want to invoice electronics and the collection of 30 cents for each call made to customer service (independently of its duration) from any of the rates Base and network despite the fact that only the network supposedly have a higher quality service with operators trained to resolve almost any query without going through different departments.

While Vodafone trying to cover their backs making that he keeps other ways (not call) with attention customer, time has decided to extend the deadline to keep the free calls to the 123 until July 1, 2013. Then? If anything makes them change, it seems that it will take to have cost as for example already make Orange prepaid and Amena while speaking with an agent despite breaching article 26.2 of the Real Decree 899/09, 22 of may, which approves the Charter of rights of the user services of electronic communications.