Vodafone Reduces The Rate and ADSL Stays

After the slight improvement in the conditions surrounding the permanence of Vodafone and that allows the unfinished stays not to join the new, the operator returns to take another small step to a competitive environment where price is not everything, and the absence of permanence remains one of the great strengths of the OMVs since April.

Although terms of mobile payments will continue to be 24 months you have DSL or not, with Vodafone contracts as of June 1 will have a less mandatory stay which becomes of 12 months with ADSL and 18 months at a rate REDvolución When is linked to better conditions in the payment by instalments. A small improvement that conforms to the range of months demanded by Movistar and Orange.

UPDATE: The change of conditions applies to new and also existing clients

On the negative side, together with the reduction of ADSL tenure from June 4, Vodafone eliminates the promotion of 2 months of free navigation during the high and the promotion of 3 free days a month since the new router from Vodafone will not now include USB modem though if able to hire him and continue to pay 2 euros per day of use as so far or any mobile Internet rates.