Vodafone Will No Longer Add Permanence to The Customers That The Renewed

The absence of permanence remains one of the main attractions of the OMVs facing the operators with network, typically requiring a minimum stay to access its best rates even if you don’t buy a smartphone and according to the latest news, it seems that this will continue to remain so if we note that yesterday we learned us that Orange increased retention rate to 24 months.

And is that in practice, for most cases, a network operator may only be interesting to those who want to, in one way or another, pay mobile deadlines and it is here where Vodafone softens his conditions of stay to undo part of the hardening which made just over one year ago.

From now on, Vodafone customers with permanence wanting to change mobile renewing permanence may continue to do so two months before the end of his current tenure (or six months) If you’re customer diamond but with the advantage that instead of adding the two months remaining (or six) new permanence, the renewal of the mobile start counter permanence to 24 months, that, in practice, you can save between 2 and 6 months.

In addition users who have stay in tarifa but renew it by a new mobile phone, may change to a lower rate without penalty When met 22 months (or 18 months) If you are a diamond.

Two small improvements knowing just, they will surely appreciate the more hooked to renew mobile phone for one with better conditions without permanence was becoming almost infinite the more often liked.