Watches: Static Symbol Or Articles Of Use?

A watch has many faces and it is always amazing to see how different the value of the watch with the various social groups is. For some, watches are a pure commodity of use and serve solely for the time display, for the others, the watch is a coveted collector’s item, for the neighbors a practical fashion accessories and then there are still those for which the suitable watch is a kind of statement. A proof that you have made it somehow. This includes, of course, all the well-known brands such as Rolex, Breitling, Jaeger-leCoultre, IWC or Tag Heuer, to name but a few. These brands stand for luxury, prestige and lifestyle.

Of course there are also many watch brands, which create a similar feeling, but are located in the significantly lower price segment. These include Junghans, Citizen , Tissot, Certina or Junkers. It is striking that these business clocks partly have a similar status as the right car in the garage, because even there, there are the BMW, Audi or Mercedes types, surpassed by the Porsche or Ferrari drivers, which are then resumed in the upper third. It is astonishing that one can then assign the specific types also certain characteristics, so is it with the watch wearers no different. The guy who wears the Golden Rolex will surely be quite different from the friend of the Steel version of the Daytona of the same brand, but that is also good. How dull the world would be if the tastes were all the same and one had no change at all?

And then there are also the fashion freaks, which have many watches in the assortment and which is only the appropriate accessory to the remaining outfit. The brand often plays a subordinate role, but the focus is on color and design.