Water MP3 Nabaiji Delight: Hear Music While Swimming

As you already tend to tell we are a group of pool in which we have been more than 3 seasons. Prior to point us to the group we used to go on our own to the pool and I gave Iñaki an aquatic mp3 so that I could enjoy the music while swimming. But by pointing us to the group, the water MP3 did not have much fit in our sport backpack…

Water MP3 Nabaiji Delight: Hear Music While Swimming

This year in addition to the sessions in group we are committed to improve even more and we are adding extra days to our visit to the water. And going to return to the water mp3, we have not managed to get it running, battery think that had annoyed?

From Decathlon a couple of weeks ago have sent us a water from Nabaiji, aquatic mp3 Nabaiji Delightmp3 so we can try it and tell you our impressions…

Capacity: 2Gigas

Autonomy: 15 hours

Hitch with adjustable clamp

Watertight up to 2 meters

Here which brings the product:

the mp3 itself

Headphones submersible

Cable for charging the battery and connection to the PC

Instruction manual

Multiple adapters for the ear Kit

Handset submersible

The mp3 along with different adapters for the ear.

These kids suppose to be when not use them in pool, when you use it as a normal sports mp3.

And these others are there to use for water. There are 3 different sizes and have testing to find that best adapts to the shape of your ear and do not let water to enter.

The first thing I’ve done: upload to stop to that same day go to the pool and try it.

Once loaded, put his music Bryan Adams and is now… ready for first use!

On the computer is shown as one hard drive more, so the process to put music and other is as simple as copying the mp3 on your computer here and now.

Before my first visit to the water I’ve posted on Facebook that we already have a new toy, and I received this feedback from users who have the same model:

See what you think stamping… plugs that I do not see them very effective. If you put them, it is an illusion to fit helmets. Without them, you’ll have to get them dry and tight… you tell me to see how and if some trick you think to keep out water to the ear. I’ve tested it on the pisci. If I forget to put it before… kk… If not ever has endured.

We have this model and a sony… I have tried both and I not adapt me with any… As moves you a little goodbye to sound… Buy it for swimming but I use it for everything except for that. It is the most important Koro… Put it well before you enter. Then moving the minimum you’ll already losing sound and end stripes you and take it… I am not able to use it in a whole workout… If I hold 200m I’m happy

With these two comments it is clear to me that before entering the pool, I have to make adjustment of the headset dry and hit with one of the different sizes.

Today I am writing now I tried mp3 on two occasions, and Iñaki in one.

First day of test – 6 November

My first foray with patience to see what size adapter for the headset that was going well. Then I have given with him… It seems that ok cover and hence go.

The sound is fine, but in turns does a strange thing (as if the music fades a little and then returns to recover well), but once accustomed to this small change… That’s great! I hit a good session of swimming listening to my favorite musician… how wonderful! I’m not swimming followed many meters, I am more than 200 meters breaststroke and then put back, or breaststroke… and then do something to crawl and then put Board to work legs… But so gonna taste which I don’t know what I’ve got followed, but about 1500 meters – 2000 meters without stopping and happy.

Second day of test – November 11

Today I still take a little time to put my good headphones. I know that the size of the adapter going well, but I still try to most put the adapter in the ear.

And… today not it fades or does nothing rare in all the time that I am in the water. It seems that the other day had failed to adjust 100% well, but had left it to 90%.

Perfect turns and everything perfect. Swim back and breaststroke, crawl… no I have tried butterfly, but already will… hehe…

That Yes, I suppose that one day that go with more haste, or I forget to adjust before entering the water (it must always do so before entering the water, the ear must be perfectly dry!) I’ll have to remove them because you do not hear well, but in the two days of testing I was delighted.

Third day of test – November 13 – Iñaki

Today’s it touched Iñaki to try them… Removed my music from the device before at home and has charged his, and he decided to dry which was the best adapter for your ear

In this photo, is missing to get the wire under the CAP…

and also happy. Then Xabi has tested them, but already they had bathed when he put them… and says that it has made him strange things… they couldn’t hear from one side, and suddenly returned to hear and things like.

Buttons and method of use

Above: If you keep it pressed, you raise the volume. If you press it briefly, you back song

Medium: Turn on or off if you keep it pressed. If you press it briefly, play or pause

Below: If you keep it pressed, you raise the volume. If you press it briefly, you go to the previous song

Reset: reset the product.

Conclusions and advice

Adjustment to make heard the music has to be perfect, if you get some water… you will not hear well.

A silicone Cap ajustadito well above the ears sure it will help a good grip and sound.

It has 3 sizes of ear adapter, I hope that some do Ok, since this depends on the good experience with the device.

Very simple to use, but does not allow you to look in folders and other, not random or anything.

The anchor by Nipper goggles is very comfortable

I loved to swim to the rhythm of my favorite songs…

The main conclusion: now touch buy another… ;(Iñaki and I are already fighting us for it, hehe…For a sharing a little uncomfortable unless you share musical tastes 100%. If we would not have to walk always loading the music before you go to the pool or look where it begins our music, and does not plan. In addition, we would have to walk always changing the adapter.

You can use it out of the pool, both with headphones which brings or use your favorite headphones to it.

Here you have the tab of the product and as always you can buy the mp3 online on Entertainmentdns. You have it available in 2 colors, and the price of €39.95