Waterproof Cree LED Flashlight

Bought it for the next dive at -60 meters, declared 1200 lumens, just arrived, installed the battery (now the socket has the German serial adapter) battery in less than 3 hours, installed, works perfectly. Only has 3 rubber grommets to hold water, I would have preferred the torch with rear switch and not to “touch” while turning, so I have to leave it slightly unscrewed even when am in 60 meters, but it is also true that there are 3 rubber grommets, and creams that help to hold the pressure, then there should be no problem, however perfect packing and shipping and  great luceaman always shipped Wednesday, arrived Thursday morning less than 24 hours.

Produces a beam of light from very powerful torches. The kit includes a battery charger with European plug. Only flaw comes on and off by turning the upper part, but be careful not to unscrew it too, otherwise you open. However it is equipped with three seals that guarantee water resistance.

Very compact and practical flashlight. Light beam can be compared with a halogen light but with 6000 k colour, dive depth declared 50 mt. American plug adapter is complete except for Italy.

Commentaires des acheteurs

“Great value, Just purchased but excellent product, exactly as described.”

Just bought the battery and voila. A powerful light just like I do. Too bad the American battery charger and no on/off button but.

Exactly as described. I am satisfied with the product that I arrived early than expected, which is why I commend you for the seriousness in the sale. I have not yet had chance to try it in water but I think the three seals combined with the cream do their job. Professional 60 meters Underwater Waterproof LED flashlight Pellor 1200LM CREE XM-L LED Flashlight Torch 18650 T6 XML 1 × purchase Charger with Diving.