We Need More Trendy Fashion For Plus Size Women!

Plus-Size Stylist Reah Norman In The Interview With SPARWELT

For our great guide on the topic of XXL women’s fashion , stylist Reah Norman spoke. Here you can find the complete interview with the plus size fashion expert.

1. Reah, you studied at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. How did you discover your passion for fashion?

My passion for fashion began with my love of photography and of course with my studies. I graduated in merchandising and photography. I love the details and the creativity with which you can perfect a photo. After college, I became a product stylist and changed to fashion styling a couple of years later, while working as a plus-size model. My final decision to become oversize stylist, I met, because I realized that this is a niche that is often ignored. I also enjoy helping women understand their figure, feel self-confident, and look great – regardless of their dress size.

I like to help women understand their figure.

2. You are a very well-known plus-size fashion expert, stylist and leading fashion director of the American PLUS Model Magazine – what is the secret behind your success?

Hard work, tenacity and perseverance are my secret and I think that anyone who is serious about his career would say the same. To be successful – no matter where – means blood, sweat, tears and victims. But if you love what you do, the hard work pays off. It is the passion for something that makes all the effort worthwhile.

3. What is the biggest challenge for chubby women in terms of fashion?

I believe the biggest challenge for chubby women is the inadequate selection of fashion compared to clothing for normal sizes. It took a long time for Plus-Size-Fashion to establish itself. But we want more, more, more!We need more trendy fashion in all price categories for plus size women in every age group and for every individual style!

4. What is your number 1 fashion tip for chubby women?

I always say that the most important part in the women’s wardrobe is the right underwear and shapewear. The perfect bras, panties and shaping underwear will hold together everything that needs to be held together.Women create the right canvas for well-fitting clothing.

5. What is the current fashion trend for this autumn?

I love the autumn fashion! I love boots, sweaters, layer look and all the luxurious little things that this season brings with it. Regarding the current run-off trend, I’m a big fan of head-to-toe footwear, 60s fashion and the unexpectedly vivid color-blocking trend that was recently seen.

The right outfit is a science and an art for ladies of any dress size.

6. Are there fashion-no-gos for chubby women?

I am reluctant to say that there are specific no-gos for chubby women. But I would say that the right outfit is a science and an art for ladies of any dress size. It is not a question of the trend or style, but whether the clothes are suitable and flattering you. The science is in the form of fit, balance and proportions. The art is the individual style and how you express your personality through fashion.

7. What fashion tip would you give plus size men?

I love this question! My friend is wide and tall and I often help him choose his wardrobe on Physicscat.com. Men are easy to operate because they usually only slip into a jeans and a T-shirt. In men’s clothing, the right mix of prints, patterns, layers and unexpectedly combined pieces plays an important role. Wear your favorite T-shirt, but put a highlight with a colored shirt underneath and round off with a tweed blazer. Cut and custom-made items also play an important role in XXL men’s fashion. Save a great tailor to speed dial-and dial the number also times!

8. What message would you like to transfer to Plus-Size women in Germany?

I would like to give them the message I share with all my clients the first time: Know your body type and embrace it – no matter what size of dress you have. Use your clothes to highlight your preferences and develop an individual style. Know the rules of the fashion game, so you can break them if they do not like you.

Know the rules of the fashion game so you can break them.

9. Fashion blogger Katharina from kathastrophal.de asks: What five clothing styles should any curvy woman in the wardrobe have?

Hi Katharina-this is a good question! A perfect fit jeans, high-heeled nude look, a small black, a versatile and meaningful necklace, and a chic blazer that you can combine with everything-these are the five garments each plus-size woman has in the closet should. These basics evaluate every wardrobe.