Wedding Cake: 7 Etiquette Rules for You to Follow

We can state that the wedding cake is the big star of a buffet at the wedding. Cakes with many floors, super elaborate toppings with American paste and naked cakeare some of the alternatives practiced today. In addition, the pasta and the fillings, every day, become more sophisticated and enchant the palate of all.

The choice of type of wedding cake will depend, like almost everything at the party, on the profile and preference of the bride and groom. Typically, suppliers present options and submit evidence to be evaluated by both. A delicious mission that can be shared with the bridesmaids and family. This is undoubtedly an opportunity to fraternize and have fun in the process of preparing for your big day. Enjoy!

However, preparing bridal cake requires a little more than experiencing these delights. There are some essential etiquette rules with the aim of organizing and making your event super stylish. All, without exception, need to be clarified in order for your wedding to be perfect, even in the smallest details. So now, let’s introduce 7 etiquette rules for you to follow and make beautiful!

1 – What Is The Ideal Time To Cut The Cake?

The ideal time to cut the wedding cake with knife is related to the format of your party. Lunch, dinner or cocktail. Which one is yours? Regardless of your choice, the label rule says that the cake should be cut after the main meals, which may be the three cited here. And get ready: it’s a solemn, special and exciting occasion!

2 – Can I Have Two Cakes: One Real And The Other Fake?

Of course you can. Some brides prefer this, as they avoid possible contaminations and food infections, since the wedding cake is exposed at the event. In that case, the pieces of the actual cake are cut into the kitchen and served to the people next. However, it is worth at least having a mass of truth at the base of the fake so that the famous cut photo is made. She can not miss it!

3 – Can Cupcakes Replace Wedding Cakes?

Certainly! The minimalist celebration formats, like the mini- wedding, are ideal for changing the traditional wedding cake with cupcakes. In this way, you will be able to customize and diversify your menu, taking into account the nutritional particularities of your guests. So offer lactose-free or gluten-free options, for example.

4 –  Is It Mandatory To Serve The Wedding Cake?

In fact, this will depend on your type of wedding cake. If it is a real cake, it has to be cut at least to the photographic record and can later be sliced ​​in the kitchen to be offered to the presents. But if you opt for a fake, there is no need to cut it effectively. And, to make the click, just pose next to the groom simulating the cut.

5 – What Should Be The Ideal Cake Size?

The size of the cake will depend on some variables. First, decide whether to place it alone at a table or with the other sweets. In the first case, it can be larger, from three floors. However, if the wedding cake is with other sweets, it is recommended that the size be smaller in order to maintain the visual balance with other delicacies. In addition, the cake should also be in harmony with the height of the bride and groom. For the little ones, a minor. Already for the highs, feel free to choose a bigger one.

6 – What Should Be The Cake Table?

The wedding cake table can be assembled in two ways: placing the cake along with the other sweets or alone, with greater prominence. Normally, a smaller cake gets along with the other items on the buffet. The larger ones are arranged on a separate central table. It is important, however, that your height does not disturb the view of the guests to the local scenery or the toast and cut that will be made by the bride and groom.

7 – At The Time Of Cutting The Cake, Who Should Hold The Knife First: The Bride Or The Groom?

The bride! This is one of the most exciting steps of the party is the cut of the wedding cake. The bride holds the knife with her right hand to make the cut. Then the groom also places his right hand over hers in order to cut the first piece together. This will be given to her by the groom. A beautiful sign of unity and complicity, no doubt!

From this post, we hope that doubts about the much acclaimed wedding cake are eliminated. Some etiquette rules are flexible, others not so much. The key, in this sense, is to adjust the formalities to the style of the wedding, as well as that of the bride and groom. What did you think of our tips?

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