Wedding Dresses Individually: A Visit To IOSOY In Munich

Some people make a big secret out of it, and others talk openly about it. I decided for the secrecy. My husband had no idea of it until the wedding, what my wedding dress would look like.

For that I had more fun, fool him on the nose. Unique highlights:

I (quite casually over dinner): “It is dusky pink.”
Silence. My fiance can decrease the fork.
Silence. Also the blade drops. Noble pallor stretches from the tip of the nose, cheeks my future.
He (according to): “Sami…!” (And quiet: “Or?”)
I: “Right, saw but the dusky pink pumps that I bought the other day.”
The pallor is green bluish.
I look at him, he looks at me, we break into peals of laughter.

The dress was by the way then but classic ivory. With full tip. And train. Really impractical – but really nice. And so I would be on the actual issue: what should your wedding dress look like? Individuality is there especially in bridal shops. Some I’ve presented you already, this time I bring you Weigand and Iosoy in Munich to Barbara.

The store is located in the Munich Glockenbachviertel. So this feels small shops, a bit Munich, Berlin. Barbara is with her shop for seven years in the Klenzestraße, offering also a wedding dress collection for 2011. It is an intricate load, the whole size of which not suggests when you look through the window. In the show room some wedding dress models are abstract dress dolls, long, baggy fabrics, Couture.

Wedding Dress Fitting In The Living Room

A narrow passage leads to the dressing room in the back area. A sofa, an armchair, a coffee table, a carpet, clothes – living room feeling. In a corner of the small office adjacent, separated by a movable wall, attach drawings of sections and pages from magazines.

Barbara tells: “I have a ground floor sections, which are then customized.” This philosophy is reflected in the name of their business. IOSOY, derived from the Spanish yo soy for “I am”.The advice was the focus of the first visit, because “customers should find out alone what cuts are available. The proportions are quite individual.” The wedding dress is created from the existing basic cuts. Color, materials, top, rock-the possibilities are endless.

From The Silk Tulle To The Dress-Skirt Suits

Barbara is actually trained textile designer. Their enthusiasm for substances is to look at the dresses. There are precious materials such as silk, silk tulle, French and Portuguese lace. In a shelf stacking bales of different colours and textures. In conjunction with a mixture of silk and viscose, Lasercut is one of the current favorites. But even colored wedding dresses are highly popular (though not in dusty pink).

Demand for most but would primarily a model that is composed of two parts. A combination of dress and skirt quasi – where the dress alone even a pretty impressive Couture appearance guarantees. Anyway, the rock is simply bound at the waist with a belt. This creates a many-layered dress. “For the great performance at the ceremony”, Barbara says.”And if simple and practical you like in the evening decreases the rock with a handle.”

And the prices? The cheapest dresses start at 1300 euros, most brides choose variations around 2000 euro. For this, they get a tailor-made wedding dress, which can be later as evening dress wear.

My impression of IOSOY? A small shop with a boutique feel, exclusive, different, exciting-and with an owner, that her dream of playing with the fabric lives.