Wedding Dresses Pronovias Collection

If you are crazy to see the 2018 collections presented at Barcelona Bridal Week, you can not miss Pronovias bridal gowns!

One of the preferred foreign brands of Brazilian brides is Pronovias. The Spanish brand brings refinement, sophistication, luxury and sensuality in the right measure. And as Barcelona Bridal Week is happening this week, we already have the dresses of the 2018 collection presented at the event.Check out the brand new features for this collection:

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1. The traditional princess are still in high

One of the strongest brands of Pronovias are the delicate dresses and princess, full of beautiful details in lace.And they continue in the 2018 collection, with a few “modernized” touches, such as overhang, ombre sleeve and more daring necklines.

2. Less is more

The classic and smooth dresses are still up and bring the novelty of the crepe brocade and drape also, which is repeated in the collection.To give this effect more structured, the choice of the fabrics is fundamental like chiffon, organza, silk, gauze with microdrapeados.To give more support, the novelty of the brand is the use of inner corselet.

And for beach brides, lighter fabrics, but without losing the sophistication, are the bet for 2018.

3. Pedraria and pure luxury

The gemstones came with everything in this collection!Whether they are in small applications or embroidered all over the body, giving the body jewelry effect, luxury and sophistication is strong.

4. Cleavages and crevices

Generous necklines and slits are present in some models for brides looking for a sexier model for the Big Day. The models are tighter and the slits in the legs give movement and sensuality to the look.

5. Dresses with over-skirt

Since the previous collection we have already seen the trend of over-skirt-which can be picked up at the party, giving the air of having two different dresses-and that is repeated in this collection.More worked than the previous ones, with applications of lace and stones, they are a strong bet of the brand.

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