Wedding Rings in Gold: a Dream

Dear ones,

I’m always like to encourage you to the color. Or – in other words: to the be different. Express through your wedding your personality. That’s the point, or?

So, let’s talk about the theme rings: you will wear them – hopefully – until the end of your life on your little fingers. I understand so well that you might look around for more neutral designs and colors.

White Gold is the trend, of course. But also classic yellow gold.

Are you sure? I love Yes red gold. That is truly exceptional. A look:

Red Gold pure is of course a bit risky. So how about a nice combination:
White Gold reloaded.

And now, my favorite. Would I buy immediately. It is also so wonderfully symbolic. Two rings merge two lives to einem…wie. You know what I mean.

It’s not cheesy. That’s nice!

You can order these wonderful rings online in Opelikafashion. Maybe you’re so skeptical Internet to get your wedding rings about it, but honestly: I think it’s kind of cool, which is good: you can have before you send a ring measuring tape and then everything fits!

So. And because this is great, there’s now a draw. On the entire range (ok, it must be so not red gold, although it’s soooo chic) -.


Just leave a comment and tell me what material would choose you you for your rings.