Well-Behaved Swimsuits Are High! But Where to Buy Them?

Tiny bikini showing all the neck, belly, crotch and much of the butt? It doesn’t belong to you anymore! … Claudia Abreu, Priscila Fantin, Taylor Swift and other famous have appeared in magazines of celebrities wearing swimsuits retro style, with a modern air. This raises the hope that the big brands of popular clothing will provide this product, which today is a real rarity.

In the post “on the beach and in the pool Catholic”, we present the criteria for the Catholic Youth open hand of shame even when choosing the swimsuit (read here). Many girls loved the tips, but complained about the difficulty of finding this type of bathing suit on the market. This post is for you!

Let’s start with the most expensive options. After all, we also have readers rich and powerful, isn’t it? Inshallah!

The new line of swimwear designer carioca Osklen (amoooooooooooo) was one of the great sensations of the last edition of the Rio Fashion Week. The collection, which brings a more European modeling, includes sets of high-waisted shorts and Bustier (pictured below). To view the full collection, click here.

Another option are the bodies of the Cia. Maritime (pictured below). The top is quite demure, but they don’t cover much the butt. So, it’s nice to compose with a short shorts on top.

Now it is the turn of the girls who seek pleços more accessible, right? I have a palavlinha magic pala tell you: CHINA!

There are several Chinese shops online, but most people go straight on AliExpress. No, this is not an online store, but is rather a platform that brings together several vendors (like Ebay). The blog “family business” gives 10 tips interesting for who will buy for AliExpress, check here.

In AliExpress, just put in the search field or tankini swimsuit one piece (bathing suits). Will appear a bunch of swimsuit options more coy. There’s a lot corny, but also has many nice pieces. And the precinho, o. ..

The disadvantage of buying direct from Chinese suppliers is that the product takes a few 300 years to get here in Brazil. Pull down, huh? But there is an option for those who want to buy these same products, paying a little more, but getting faster: the swimsuit session imported from online store Sundae Inc. There’s a lot of swimsuits and tankinis vintage, and among them there are some beautiful pieces with very reasonable price (an example is below).

Is it, girls! The trend of demure swimsuits is on the rise, however, has not yet picked up strong here in our country. If we score presence on the beaches and clubs with these models, we send a message to the fashion industry on a popular time in this wave.