Westwing Guide for wall Chandelier

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of decoration, you know? A well-lit environment with light spots positioned in the right places can get a more cozy, more refined, modern or cool. Selecting the items that will be part of the lighting of a room is no easy task, but you will probably need a wall-mounted chandelier if you want to make your room or room even more delightful and inviting for moments of good conversation and rest.

In addition to the wall chandelier, the candlestick and chandelier are part of the composition of the lighting of an environment and therefore should be considered as extremely important items. A beautiful wall-mounted chandelier will give another room to your house, believe me! To help you choose the best wall chandelier option, Westwing has selected a few tips.Check out our recommendations below!

Wall Chandelier: Romantic And Stylish Lighting

A more upscale, modern and even vintage environment is perfect for receiving a wall chandelier . This item is indispensable to create a prominent effect on furniture and the decoration of the environment, being very elegant and timeless. The wall chandelier can be made of plastic, glass, wood, ceramic and even steel. The choice for the best model will depend on the style adopted in the environment and your taste. If you opt for a wall chandelier with hanging crystals , for example, you will create a more elegant composition. If you choose a wooden wall chandelier, it will complement a rustic ambiance.

The Origin Of The Wall Chandelier

The chandelier is closely linked to Jewish culture and was already mentioned in the book of Exodus in the Old Testament of the Bible. According to the Jews, this piece would be responsible for receiving the Spirit of God. The wall-mounted chandelier was used mainly between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and served to illuminate, with candles, the interior of residences and trade. Currently, the most used wall chandelier is the electric chandelier, equipped with an LED lamp.

The Use Of Wall Chandelier In Outdoor Areas

The wall chandelier is widely used in areas such as balconies or terraces, as it illuminates outdoor areas in a very charming and efficient way. Most of the wall-mounted chandelier models are made of metal or steel, with glass details, giving them a lot of strength and beauty to embellish the most diverse places in a home. A garden will be much more charming with a wall-mounted chandelier!

Decorating With An MDF Chandelier

The wall-mounted chandelier is such a beautiful and refined piece that it has become an indispensable item at parties and, therefore, was made in a table version made of MDF. Whether painted in a very striking color or just white, the MDF chandelier is a great piece to make a romantic candy table and even a wedding table as it becomes very special!

Having one or more types of wall chandelier at home is a taste of taste and refinement. Invest in the lighting of the environments and see how this piece can be your ally!