Westwing Guide Forled Spotlight

To achieve success in setting up a beautiful outdoor area, it is necessary to think of every small detail. From landscaping to play area, all items will be responsible for turning the space into a special corner for the sunny weekends or even for the chilly moments around a delicious fondue with wine. To illuminate this environment with warmth, how about opting for LED spotlight?

In order to present the innovative features of the LED spotlight in hetongdiy.com and to score the differences between the lamp and the reflector, Westwing, which understands everything about complete lighting projects, will give you tips to make your garden even more inviting and always ready to receive the guests. Also know the difference between white and yellow light and choose the one that best suits the needs of your home.

After All, What Is LED?

LED is the abbreviation of the nomenclature in English Lighting Emitted Diodes, that in Portuguese means a diode that, when energized, emits visible light to the human eyes. They are light-generating components with a low power consumption.

The LED spotlight has several positive features compared to other products with incandescent and fluorescent lights. Check out the benefits and implement the LED spotlight in your outdoor area:

Economy: The energy saving provided by the LED spotlight is intense. It delivers 75% less power consumption in the light bill than other conventional reflectors, such as those produced in metallic steam and halogen.

Different shades of color: you can find, in addition to the traditional white and yellow lights, LED reflectors in various RGB colors.

No delay: when you turn the LED reflector on and off, you will notice that the movement is instantaneous: it does not delay when it is switched on and you do not need to warm the lamp to start the operation, as with traditional reflectors.

Spread light: The LED spotlight has a focal aperture of 120º and so the light is evenly spread on the outside area.

Absence of UV and IR rays: by not emitting UV and IR radiation, the illumination provided by the LED reflector will not harm the plants in the garden.

Shelf Life: The LED reflector has a life time up to six times longer than conventional reflectors. There are approximately 50,000 hours of use if used 8 hours a day.

White Or Yellow Light?

LED spotlights are available in different shades, including white and yellow. To know which one will work best in your space, know what the specific needs are: If you’re looking for brighter light, choose white.Unlike the more efficient effect caused by white light, the yellow LED lamp causes feeling of warmth and relaxation.

The LED spotlight will be the perfect choice for you to deploy even more comfort and warmth to the outside area of ​​your home. Choose strategic points from the garden to emit light strategically, illuminating all parts and creating a complement between spaces.