What are the Toys of the 80 Years?

Kids of the 80 years lived surrounded by video games, but if had a lot of fun! These 80 years toys did not have many features graphics, sounds and lights, but thrived, to the maximum, the imagination of children.

Thinking on the benefits that these toys provided to those children, we put together a list of toys of the 80 years that would give all right today. Oh! The coolest thing is that some have already been released. So you think you can provide them so that the whole family will enjoy.

They say remember is live, so come live this moment of nostalgia with us!


Too much famous in the 80, Aquaplay was an object full of water. Within this container with water had rings, hooks and, in base, two air vents that work as buttons. To trigger the buttons, the hoops were thrown towards the hooks. This was precisely the goal of the player who, by means of buttons, tried to hit the rings on the hooks.

When there were several children playing, usually, they competed to see who spent less time to hit all the rings on target . But playing alone was also very fun!

Hardly any child or teenager of the years 80 not spent hours hooked on that ride. Although not with sounds or lights, he was acclaimed by the kids. For a long time was gone from the market—in your traditional fitness—, however, it was possible to download an application that simulates the game.

For the happiness of the nostalgic, the toy was re-released in 2013 and has done very successfully. Is an excellent toy for small tip, because it stimulates the motor skills and persistence.

Stick Or Drops Do Not Fall

Rod and Falls Falls are two games extremely similar, that had the same principle: the players should pull the rods out of the game with all the care possible.

Simple sticks wood toy, the goal was not to let the other rods if coming. In the Fall doesn’t fall, the goal was not to let the marbles, located at the top of the game, fall and reach the base.

This was the kind of game that would gather all the cousins around the toy, alternating between total silence and widespread racket. When removing the rod without moving the other parts, the player was cheered and, during the play, everybody was in absolute silence, concentrated.

The most basic version of the game of rods were never entirely absent from the market, and has achieved the various generations since your launch. The game is a test of balance and control exciting! In the case of children, it helps in the development of motor skills.


The Genius was the first video game sold in Brazil. Released in 1980, this educational toy caused that feeling of euphoria in the players. He had three modes, 5 ways to be played and four different levels of difficulty. The player should observe and try to repeat the sequences of lights and sounds.

We don’t even tell you how thrilling the game, right? For a long time it was only available as a mobile application. Today, however, you can find it on the market in your traditional format.

Although it is a great tip from toy to stimulate infant cognitive development, this is one of the toys of the 80 years that guarantee fun for people of all ages.

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