What Drives Me Crazy in the Maternity Ward

Due to the success of the post ” what drives me crazy on motherhood” part I and II, I decided to make one more part. And the course of things at home, I think this will not be the last, still not coming more posts about it here on the blog!

The terrible two’s strong in Manuela and not over yet in Bruna. So you can imagine how I get crazy sometimes. Bruna is tricky and spoiled, but more relaxed to negotiate. Manu is a child well resolved; Regardless, check everything, but if you get nervous, there part to ignorance and no talking.

With it connected over a number of things that drive me nuts in the routine as a parent and for sure you will identify. Starting with the top my list:

-Wake up too early! My God, can anyone explain to these girls that is so good to sleep in. .. This that “over time you get used to it” didn’t happen to me. After 7 I drag me, but I know it’s normal. But when these girls solve wake the 6 or even before that, prepare to see a person who can’t find funny, and even they come warm and full of energy, the only thing that goes through my head is talking about; go back to bed, for Deusssssssssssss!!!

-Clean your ears: Frankly, I’m almost taking this function of routine hygiene of girls. Is to start a war every time they see me with a cotton swab in hand. Bruna with much negotiation I can clean up a little. But Manu, just after sleep and yet, if she wakes up, get away.

– Lose my pens. I set up a workstation at my house and I always leave a door with pencils pens and post-it notes. It seems that even though all the pencils and pens possible, they want to use my good old blue BIC. I just buy new (every week), put in pencil, which triggers a sensor and they catch, hide and lose. Because I’ve never seen lost so much pen. They simply disappear from home.

-Put to sleep. Yes, this item has appeared in the post part i. But if I didn’t have a lot of patience when it was just the Bruna, imagine now that are two and they sleep in the same room. I have to put one at a time because Manu only sleeps with lights off, door locked and history (I’m glad that the ice cream still works fine here- see post) and Bruna with door open, light in the hallway and without noise. I deserve! I’ve tried to optimize by placing both at the same time, but it’s worse.

-Fights between them. Most often caused by Bruna, the more it grows, the more jealous looks. The problem is that it causes the Manu and that do not let cheap. Resolves to fight back and fight, claw, not afraid. The question is what they decide to do it in the car when I’m driving, when I try to talk to someone on the phone, when I meet a friend, at the door of the school … and then I have to restrain myself and trying to mitigate a peaceful way, something impossible.

-Bathing in the locker room from swimming. If there’s one thing that annoys me is having to bathe in a place that’s not our House. Outside the shower is that the child is taller and that makes it easier for our column, but I end up taking a shower and out soaking wet. I’ve preferred to bathe at home but came to the conclusion that it is better to bring she’s ready for dinner.

-When I curse or speak any language. Yes, we tried at all costs to avoid that our children have contact with inappropriate words. But it’s no use, I when I get out of my mind I just talking what I shouldn’t. But now they learn to talk “Your Annoying” “Silly” and use some terms that drive me crazy. You who have children in the terrible two and are finding it hard to temper tantrums, when you xingarem the first time. Nothing that drive me crazy more than that.

-Take the girls with me at the bakery. Turns and moves I end up at the bakery to buy bread or something I missed home because I’m too lazy to go to the supermarket. But it’s just set foot there that starts; Mom buy me an ice cream? Mom buys me a lollipop? Mom buys me the entire bakery? AAAAAAAAAAAAH! The worst thing is just talk not to play on the floor or pick up any bullets and leave running saying they won’t return.

Phew, that’s good right?!

And so it is with you?

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