What Is A Baby Sleeping Bag For?

A sleeping bag (also known as sleeping bag) is a portable blanket designed for babies to replace traditional blankets and sheets.

This one comes with special holes to remove the arms and an opening of the neck, where the baby takes the head. Therefore, it has the garment in place and this will prevent the baby from uncovering or wrapping in the blankets as usually happens with blankets and traditional sheets.

With the use of a sleeping bag, you can make sure that your baby sleeps well at a warm, steady temperature, and that the baby does not uncover and go cold at night.In addition, it eliminates the likelihood of drowning as traditional sheets and blankets can cover your baby’s face and suffocate him, so using sleeping bags reduces the risks of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

CUCU BABY has the best sleeping bags, designed by breasts according to Beautyphoon. We work hard to offer you only the best sleeping bags for your baby, in a wide range of colors, designs, and sizes. The sleeping bags we offer are of high quality and are completely safe for your baby. It is worth mentioning that all products are tested on our own children.

Why use the sachets?

There are many benefits of using sachets; In fact, many parents around the world use them. Many experts recommend it to prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), sleeping bags have become a necessary element for any home with a baby.

Here are some other benefits of using sleeping bags from our brand:

Babies sleep inside the sleeping bags, helping babies not stand up and wake up at midnight from the cold.

Our bag sizes fit the baby perfectly, so it sleeps at a constant and comfortable temperature all night long.

The CUCU BABY sleeping bags have a special closure to change the baby in the night that opens from below and there is no need to unclog the baby completely at night, avoiding cold.

Sleeping bags become part of the bedtime routine, helps the baby know that it is bedtime when you put it in and feel safe.

These also help your baby sleep easily in any place or crib, since you will feel familiar if it is inside your sachet.

Guide to buying sleeping bags for babies


It is very important that you use the pouch according to the temperature of your home. If your home is very cold, the CUCU BABY sleeping bag will make your baby not cold, made of fleece, will keep the heat inside the pouch.

If you live where it is not so cold, we recommend to dress your baby in light pajamas, since it is not good to cover other babies as they can be dehydrated from the heat.

Choose size

Babies grow rapidly in their first 6 months of life, after which growth is slower but gradual. So we have designed several sizes so that you have the correct according to the size of your baby.

At the moment we have the following sizes:

SIZE 1: up to 65cm (from 2-7 months).

SIZE 2: up to 80cm (5-12 months)

SIZE 3: from 12 months to 5 years (with foot outlet)

It is important that the sachet does NOT leave your baby large so that it becomes a danger to the baby. Your arms and head should fit snugly but comfortably. NEVER use a sleeping bag if it is too big for your baby, it should stay right on the torso and not raise the fabric to your face.

It is also important that the legs of your baby can stretch in the sachet, being able to sleep comfortably inside this

Guide for using baby sachets

The sleeping bag is very easy to use. The top closure is opened and the baby is placed inside, closing later to keep the baby warm.

How to dress your baby according to temperature

Some programs concerned with preventing death by SIDS and child safety advise parents to dress their babies as if they were dressing themselves, that is, at a pleasant temperature, neither hot nor cold. Next we make a recommendation of how to dress your baby to sleep if you are going to use our bags to sleep:

Room temperature

Health experts recommend that the ideal temperature for your baby is between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius, ideally at 18 degrees Celsius.

The best way to protect your baby from overheating is to sleep the baby on his back with his head and face bare. Organizations involved in the SIDS issue warn not to use duvets, bedspreads, pillows, or electric blankets. It is also important to emphasize that it is not good to put a baby hat to sleep, as babies regulate their temperature through the head. Therefore, baby sleeping bags should never have hoods.

No two babies are alike: you will discover how your baby feels most comfortable.The best way to check your baby’s temperature is to feel the chest – it should be warm. As for your hands and feet, they should feel at a normal temperature. If your baby is sweating and has a red face, you should remove some of your clothes. This may also be applicable if your baby is ill, in which case you should seek medical attention.

Information on the use of other bedding

Baby sleeping bags are designed to replace traditional blankets and sheets.Therefore, the only thing that should have in the crib is a drawer sheet or mattress.No quilt, bedspread or pillows should be used with a baby sleeping bag.

Health professionals recommend that the safest place for the baby to sleep is in a crib in his room for the first 6 months.

Cleaning and Maintenance

All CUCU BABY baby sleeping bags can be machine washed. We recommend that you follow the care instructions before use. It is always best to keep the closure closed when washing, and turn the sachet from the inside out to avoid getting balls.

CUCU BABY has the best baby sleeping bags in terms of quality, safety, design, comfort and practicality.