What is Android?

For those who are not from the area of ​​computer science or are not tuned in the area of ​​technology of mobile phones, technical and technical terms may sound strange. But you may have read or heard about Android somewhere. If you do not understand, do not be ashamed because we will explain.

What is Android?

Making a very simple analogy with the computers we have at home, Android for the cell phone is just like the computer’s Windows. The phone comes with Android and you can download Android applications to install on your phone. Android is the mobile operating system. So simple to say: an Android phone is a mobile phone that uses Android as an operating system.

What is Android

But what advantage of Android? Why is it getting so popular?

The main advantage of Android is that it is free for any cellphone manufacturer that wants to use it. No need to pay anything to anyone, and even more manufacturers can modify Android before putting on their devices. This makes more manufacturers adopt Android as an operating system and thus, more users will have Android on their handsets. This huge contingent of users lures developers to create better apps for Android. There are already thousands of Android apps created, increasing our list of best Android applications every day.

Another factor that makes Android so popular is that it is created and maintained by Google, which makes the operating system have great integration with company services such as Gmail, Google Calendar, YouTube and Google Maps!

If you still have questions about what an Android phone is, leave a comment below with your question. We are here to help our readers!

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