What is Camping

Camping is a kind of group or individual activities associated with the movement on the tourist route in recreational, sports, educational purposes. The spectrum is very wide campaigns: from a leisurely walk in the woods before the descent down the rapids. Hike perpetrated for research purposes (research and development of the tourist area) is often called a tourist expedition.

What is Camping

Tourist areas

Mass tourism and sports centers do not always coincide with the locations of the trips. For the development of new tourist areas spend hiking expedition. Locations geographers and organizers active hiking, sports tourism are grouped in tourist areas and other excursion unit.

A visit to the tourist area as a whole can be the target of a campaign, because tourist zoning and accessibility of information is important for the tourists to make trips. They are published directories passes highlands, midlands. Routing – Qualification Commission shall prepare and publish reference lists of categorized tourist routes of each area.

In Russia and the CIS, where the development of the initiative are the following tourist traffic areas popular hiking trails, sub-districts, tourist clusters:

Defined by Digopaul, camping is the campsites building upon tourism, where the camp is built on camping areas. An overnight stay is used for tents, motor home, caravan or camping huts.

Hiking compared to camping enthusiasts have at their disposal more convenience meals, washing and sharing, but between them there is no absolute limit. During the 1900s Camping has developed into a more comfortable forms of staying in a camping. The era of the movement of enjoyment were the early days of cycling, walking and public transport. Camping now often associated with major summer events, but many leisure travelers seeking to place of the tent more comfortable sharing.