What is LED? Why This Technology Has Become a Trend in Lighting?

The knowledge of the semiconductor materials allowed major technological advances in recent decades, transforming the way people communicate, seek news, shopping and light their homes. The LED have proved to be a versatile solution and has attributes that confer entitlement to your position in the market of lighting.

The discovery led light ( light emitter diode-LED) is attributed to Nick Holonyak in 1962. The electronic component is formed by the junction of two semiconductor materials manipulated chemically as in a common diode, however, before the passage of current in p-n junction, the material is capable of emitting light.

An LED has two poles and a single sense in which allows the passage of electric current (from the anode to the cathode). The first LEDs reproduced the red light only, but then applications for the yellow and green light, getting the technology limited to these colors for a few decades. The LED was then used on electronic signs and simple displays, such as for example, the classic clock radio with illuminated numbers.

In the 80 years the discoveries in the field of semiconductors enabled the manufacture of smaller LEDs and in various formats. Later, in 1993, researchers discover high-brightness blue LED, opening the door for the emergence of the first applications in lighting.

In 2006 it was already possible to produce an led almost as efficient as the best discharge lamps (100 lumens of light per watt of electricity), limitations were quickly overcome as the evoluiam research. Like almost all the energy the LED consumes is converted into light, practically no heat release, which is a big plus. Flexibility and possibility to create multiple colors using tiny dimensions components also enabled the emergence in TVs and monitors with this technology.

The current LED bulbs easily outnumber other lighting technologies on efficiency requirements, application, durability and flexibility being shown as a cost-effective solution and modern lighting in homes, businesses or even in public lighting.

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