What Is the Difference Between Vintage And Retro?

All the time we heard of vintage clothes or retro style, and it is interesting to note that a lot of people use, no matter what, the vintage and retro terms as if there were no difference between them, which isn’t exactly true. See more about these adjectives and how are they used on sets:

Vintage = old parts + striking style

According to BusinessCarriers, vintage is the word most commonly used to describe a really old clothes that, preferably, was made before the Decade of 80, although many already accept some oitentistas parts as being vintage, provided they have historical significance and lasting design. So that trench coat or rolex watch that your grandfather used when young and bequeathed to you can be called that.

It is important to separate the “vintage” inpiração “vintage” and “vintage look” pieces of clothing, accessories and decorative objects worn on purpose to look old, as these recent productions have your visual modified to look like something very used and old. Several journalists from fashion and interior designers put it all in one basket, but I don’t think it’s fair to compare some badulaque cheap Made in China with a piece that might even have been valued in time for its unique features and striking.

Vintage fashion in brief: use of old clothes, often bought in thrift stores or inherited from relatives and friends. May appear merged the more modern parts and their wear (when the has) cause a contrast with interesting results.

Retro Pieces on high: tweed blazers, tranch coats, iconic watches and leather jackets of the years 50.

Retro = past design applied in new parts

The retro is more connected to a design that marked an era that the specific date of manufacture of a product. Currently in decorating the look of years 50 and 60 have made very successful and won adherents, and in fashion is not so different: suspenders, blazers, tweed jackets with “pied de poule”, pocket watches, prints of poá and bow ties refer to decades without necessarily being made at the time or have the look old and worn as in the case of the víntage.

Other markets also suffer strong influence of retro style as the automobile (see the Minis and the Chrysler PT Cruiser), design/art (where among the logos and lettering of the years 40 and 50) and even the erotic (seen the amount of images of pinups that we see in daily media).

Retro fashion: use of new clothes inspired by the sets used in another era or that incorporate design elements from past decades. May also appear merged the more modern pieces.

Retro Pieces on high: varsity jackets, goggles browliners (clubmaster), tennis oitentistas sports.