What Shoes for Trekking Holiday?

Anyone planning a trekking holiday, desperately needs proper shoes because an old outdoor wisdom says “sleeping bag, jacket, tent and shoe must fit, because in one of them you put more in it”! D a be completed usually long stretches on treks, we want to dedicate ourselves to the shoe. Especially be sure the rugged must primarily comfort, so that any injury from the outset can be excluded.

The right fit

Most treks are not only long, but also demanding, so that on a good footwear should not be waived. With the right shoes, however, not only the fit and comfortable to wear plays an important role, but also a good footbed that adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot. Mountain boots from Hanwag Lowa and are just two of the many manufacturers who are specialized in shoes for trekking.

In addition, each manufacturer uses different frames for his hiking boots. So a hiking boot of a well-known German manufacturer of bars ago precipitates usually wider than, for example, lightweight hiking shoes made in Italy.

Application areas for trekking shoes

The largest differences are found in the sole of the various trekking shoes again, because while the shoe needs on flat terrain, a relatively easily shaped sole, trekking shoe, for safety reasons for tours in the mountains a very hard sole. Here the rule of thumb: The more extreme the stress of walking shoes, the more stable the shaft and the sole. Who (felxibler shaft and soft sole) goes into high alpine terrain with a multi-functional shoe category A, will not have a lot of fun. Also, a severe Alpine Boots category D is preparing little joy with a slight hike in the highlands.


Buyer of trekking shoes, the material should be considered, because this is not only the quality matters, but also a corresponding processing. Good hiking boots are basically waterproof or water-resistant, the outer material is made of either a durable leather or nylon. Some models may also have a combination of both materials. Inside a trekking shoe comprises mostly needle felt or leather, in which high-quality models, among other things, a climate membrane can be processed, so that no moisture enters from the outside through the shoes, but moisture produced in the form of sweat can still be transported outside.

Trekking shoes are laced normally, though one must be careful when buying that the laces not only resistant to abrasion, but also are resistant to tearing. With the help of loops and hooks which were attached to the trekking boot, the shoelaces get their footing and in the shank region offset tensioning hooks are to minimize friction often attached. By lacing to the shaft trekking shoes get a perfect grip on the feet and ankles. The lacing system can also be mostly vairiiert so that the pressure on the foot can be distributed. If so times somewhere zwacken at a tour something simply times tying the shoe!


It is recommended in all cases, extensively to wear the shoes before going on a trip and they einzulaufen way.Blisters and make each more than one day a martyrdom.

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