What Suits to Wear for a Wedding

Before choosing the right suit for the wedding, you need to have enough information about the tone of the celebration. If it will be in a certain style, you must be elegant and fit into her style. This will be perfect classic suit in gray or blue with a white shirt with cufflinks and matching tie. Feel free to choose between different pastel colors, such as pink or blue, that are perfect for spring and summer, but do not overlook pearl gray, which is very elegant and suitable color for every occasion.

Suit for Wedding

If the wedding will be very formal, you can afford to give free rein to your imagination and understanding your originality. In this case, you do not necessarily have a formal plus size suit. However, it is a good idea to have at least at least a tie for the ceremony. Avoid stripes and all tissues that are very playful and bright, because as you find them beautiful, are not particularly suitable for men.


According to the site, formal suit for plus size men should be selected with caution. It should not be too casual nor is pompous, so try to find the balance!