What You Really Can Pretenter Microsoft Supporting Cyanogen?

Recently Engadget Mobile partners warned that Microsoft would invest in Cyanogen. We still remember when CyanogenMod It was a simple ROM of Android that was done by pure personal taste and was not a company that now had to succeed to continue living, and everything went very fast.

Now Cyanogen has achieved something that once was seen as something very complicated, the being who is in charge of the operating system of some terminals, but with few results rather than strangers. Even so, there are companies that still rely on them, and Microsoft seems to want to see where comes.

However, the question of the true intentions that Microsoft may have in this company. We are talking about an action counter-intuitive, It is supporting the development of a competitor of yours. But that is only seeing a tiny history part, actually Microsoft WINS much with Android in matter of patents.

Google does not win both

Here we begin to speculate much, because we do not know where the investment can reach. It may be simply that they see it grow and want to make their investments, something completely normal and possible revenue, if it were not because Microsoft would end up putting hand in the development of Cyanogen.

How could you use it? Following plans having Cyanogen Android without Google, something that in theory it is possible, but throughout the match without an immense ecosystem of applications cannot be removed him as it is Google Play. This would mean that Microsoft continued winning with patents and at the same time Google does not win market share, as in China, where most terminals with Android has no Google services.

This would cause a very peculiar situation, because Google would have invested in an operating system that can not take so much advantage and Microsoft would continue charging for patent. A move quite interesting if the Cyanogen system wins followers, and if then we managed to integrate it better with Microsoft services or even making applications for Cyanogen shop functions in a certain way with Windows Phone.

Mobile phones have always been pending from the Redmond company sector, but certainly it is not a risky move, and more with a so relatively small amount for them as they are a few so-called $ 70 million. Whatever it is, it is more than likely that they end up taking party and if you go wrong, will simply look like a failed more operation and continue as usual.