Where to Buy Online: Mobile Phones

I turned that person: the crazy one in the cell phone. Never thought! I’ve always been the practical type, who thinks that this business of changing the bag to match the clothes is silly.  Until I found myself buying one, two, three … I have about 20 caps and I swear to you that I’m changing as they wear me out. The cool thing is that, months later, I forget them and I like it again exactly how it was the first time! Hahaha I’ve separated the coolest sites from the thread I’ve tested and approved. But I warn you: keep your credit card in hand! Hahaha

Go Case
Just my favorite shop! Who has iPhone(from model 4) can enjoy it too! Basically, all models are transparent, but with the cutest illustrations in the world. The average price is $ 49.90 and I still do not know if I love Nutella or Cookie. Help!

This site is incredible for reasons of: exclusivity. Here you can choose your favorite photos from Instagram and Facebook and create custom layers. I love the fact that it also rolls out to decide what kind of layout you’re going to want(like a single photo or several little ones).

Covers the world
like the world of the iPhone because of the variety(have to type all handset models) and because rolls also find some accessories like cables, film and even lenses. Not to mention the great prices: you can find models by type R $ 5!(I.e.

I Stick
And If What You’re Looking For Are The Stickers, Just Find A Great Store Option! The product comes complete: forward, rear and side of the device, and provide a similar image for you to use as wallpaper. It does not protect against falling, but it is great against scratches, for example!

Coronita Accessories Do you
know those weasels that have seen fever in the world and are sold in the gringa for a real fortune ?! Is it a cheap version there? The cool thing is that, yes, it has for everyone(and mobile models too!).

Nho, nho, nho I just spent $ 80 buying things that I indicated for my own blog. What is my problem, Brazil ?! Well, at least now you know that I’m the crazy one on the real cell phone! Hahaha Did you like the tips? Who was there to buy something, too? Tell me!
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