Where to Buy Vintage Clothing

Since I launched the blog vintage deco with my sister, I’m more than ever obsessed with vintage. This trend speaks to the nostalgic in the soul that I am, worshipper of period films, broken-down dreamer of the past. Think of all the worlds who succeeded before ours, the streets we walk everyday, fascinates me. In short, all this preamble to share some good addresses of vintage shops in Paris.

Of the thrift store at the ‘vintage ‘.

Long called the thrift stores, today the term seems to fade in favor of the name vintage. In Theinternetfaqs, so we find already worn vintage clothing, dating back decades. Some shops are distinguished by thematic selections (for example the retro trend years 50 or 80 years), but most offer various styles.

Why and how antiquing?

I put a lot of time to give in to the pleasure of the vintage shopping. I’ve always loved the retro styles, but I think that I was not too, and I could not find anything. Today I care, I wear what I like, and then I learn to mix old pieces to newer clothes. I love the vintage for several reasons clothes…

-Pleasure to search. There are people who hate it, I love it! I can spend hours in shops and rummage the racks until I find my happiness. Impossible to get tired. Even when I can’t find anything for me, I didn’t feel like wasting my time.
– Style. Today, many retailers offer retro clothing, and I buy myself quite often. But often, it is in the thrift stores found the perfect dress flowered really authentic Cup.
-Unique piece. When we find a vintage clothing, we’re sure not him again too quickly. Not as this last printed HetM you already saw on three different chicks in the same street.
-Small prices. It is in Paris, in thrift stores that are not necessarily the cheapest in the country, what kif of finding Nuggets at affordable prices.
-The taste of the mystery. Each garment has a history: whence? By whom he was brought? A few years ago, the concept of her dud disposable did not exist, and people take care of their clothes. I like to find this “precious” side giving him a new life (I’m not crazy, you know).

For good antiquing, so allow a little time, do not be afraid to search, take the time to try. Because there are lots of great pieces on the rack that make well laid, and vice versa.

Tilt Vintage

One of my addresses favorite, I love their selection. Not always given (the silk shirts price climbs quickly) but I found such a gorgeous long skirt pleated for 20 euros. Most of the dresses are 25 euros.

Tilt Vintage
8 street of Rivoli (other addresses in Paris and online sales site)

Omaya Vintage / unfortunately closed address

Omaya is a beautiful store with a strong identity: the pieces presented here reflect a particular style, rather marked years 70 and 80 years. A little rock ambience, in the image of the clothes!

Omaya Vintage
29 street Jean-Pierre Timbaud

The kid, Fripe

It’s a small thrift store neighborhood in the 11th, warm and with decent prices. Right now, everything is 10 euros before renovations.

The kid, Fripe
118 rue Oberkampf

Kilo Shop

Kilo Shop is an institution in Paris. The concept is fun: here the clothes pay by weight, based on a color code that indicates a weight per kilo. Rates: about 5 euros shirts, dresses at less than 10 euros… The choice, a pleasant space, unfortunately clothes that I like the most are those who are fixed-price, and more expensive. There are two shops Kilo Shop side by side, a rather generalist and the other called “kawai” with a selection more girly.

Kilo Shop and Kilo Shop Kawai
69 / 71 street of glassware

Mike ‘ she Swing

This address is a little apart in my selection. There’s no clothes but a wonderful selection of retro dresses of the fifities and sixties. They are incredibly beautiful pieces, and so there will be a budget of a hundred euros for a dress. Do not hesitate to spend at least for the pleasure of eyes…

Mike ‘ she Swing
35 bis street of the King of Sicily

China Machine

I add it to my list, because since this address moved two steps from my office, he does not a week unless I make a little tour. I love their sharp selection that will delight the true fans of vintage, and their price very wise. I found two lovely skirts (5 euros each), and I have an infinite regret for a perfect dress that proved to be too small. We can’t win all the time, it’s the game!

China Machine
Two addresses in Paris. Mine: 10 street of the small stables, Paris 10.

Here, this selection is not exhaustive, I have still a few addresses to discover. I admit to not like the famous Guerrisol, the most economical of the Paris thrift shops, I think there are really too many pieces without interest and makes me want to search.