Which backpack best suits my needs? -small buying advice

Once it back after out there on tour should go, the question which backpack you best should take, the easiest and most comfortable way to transport his seven things arises again and again on the new.


Due to the variety of models, sizes and amenities, you quickly lose track and no longer see the wood for the trees. At this point, we want to give a few helpful tips for the ambitious outdoorfan, mountaineers, hikers and backpackers.


The size is crucial

Supposedly, the size is not so important, but in this case already. Where you must differentiate here, of course, the desired tour should be from how long. The so-called day packs are the easiest solution for small day trips. They are extremely compact and provide space for the basic necessities needed for a day. To go there but for a few days in the mountains, or even on a small holiday travel with a backpack, a slightly larger model is of course demand.


Here come the real backpacking in the game, providing a capacity of 60, 90 or even more litres. You have a huge storage space, which ensures that changing clothes, food and equipment to accommodate. Be loaded you can also more usually with up to 20 kg, if necessary but. As additional features, there are special facilities for climbers who stand by for example fixtures for crampons, ice axe, and other equipment.

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Pay attention to the correct carrier system

Because you must lug around like several kilograms with at a fully packed backpack, it is extremely useful to care with the purchase of the next trekking Backpack on a full suspension system. It is important that the shoulder straps are padded and fitted best with a Meshstoff. This ensures a better ventilation and reduces an excessive sweating. Additional chest and waist straps are essential. They shall ensure that the load is distributed better and that the backpack can easily tilt backwards. In addition, the backpack itself in a particularly stable Constitution should be to coincide by the load does not in itself and so that the weight of the back does not pulls it down.


Breathable properties reduce the sweating

Anyone who brought already some pounds on his back a mountain after above, knows this may be how sweating even at cold temperatures. Precisely for this reason the climbers to be sure that the backpack is also a high breathability. Usually, this is ensured by a practical mesh in the back. This special mesh fabric is extremely air-permeable and creates an intermediate layer between backpack and body, through which the air can circulate. Thus can be transported also the moisture for better out there.


Lots of pockets and large openings make the order

There’s probably nothing worse than to open his backpack on a tour and having to first search for the desired item. Especially if it is also barely raining or snowing and is anyway already easily irritated. A proper distribution of the backpack with the help of pockets and an optimal interior layout order can be kept on the road. Comply with large objects inside and smaller in the pockets provided or additional bags.


In addition, many models offer special holding devices for all bulky items such as sleeping bags, tents, pots, kettle, etc. So that they take no additional space, they are fixed in the outdoor area.


Another important point is that the loading and unloading of the backpack vonstatten as easy as possible should go. Therefore, the main opening of the trekking backpack should be as large as possible. Possibly even removable. Because only so the easiest way to get to the Interior and must spread not all content on the moist forest floor only because the exquisite piece at the bottom.


Last but not least: Model for woman or man?

As man and woman are anatomically very different, also the backpacks on the corresponding body shape are adapted. This results in a better weight distribution and a pleasant wearing comfort. Therefore always advisable, first to ensure the respective backpack designed for which gender. Until then, you can get it to flip the properties of the Backpack on the respective claims and thus to find the perfect model for the next tour. This is then also nothing in the way.