Who Can Move on to Your Facebook Account When You Die?

Okay, this is weird: the Facebook is rolling out gradually a feature to allow you to choose a kind of heir to your account on the social network. To indicate someone they trust as “legacy contact”, that person can make small changes to your profile or to download your photo archive to save them for posterity when you die.

The social network has provided a resource for deceased persons. Today, when you warns Facebook about the death of a person, the profile can be deleted or transformed into a memorial. In the latter case, the user ‘s page changes to display the words “In memory”, the content is still available to the public and the deceased’s name no longer appears in certain areas – such as the reminders of birthdays and commercials.

Now, when you die, your reliable contact can write a fixed topic on your page (to warn of the place and date of the funeral, for example); update your photo and header image; respond to friend requests; and if you allow, download history publications and photos. For privacy reasons, the person can not see private messages or log directly into your account.

And of course, if none of that suits you, you can tell Facebook to prefer to have your account deleted when you die.

The new function is still restricted to the United States, but will be launched in other countries soon. To access it, simply enter the Facebook settings, click Security and choose the option Contact legacy.