Who Can Resist The Candy Lookbook for Spring/Summer 2012?

Sometimes we complain about that within the national landscape of fashion I do not find interesting and no doubt the new proposals Lookbook spring/summer 2012 candy It is here to make it clear to us that that is not true in any way. Looks casual, innovative, proposed a record ranging from the more formal style to the more casual urban.

And all this with quality, injections of very spring colors clothing, possibility of purchasing items separately to fill our wardrobe or make us with an outfit entirely. And if none of this convinces us, it never comes more take a look at her outfits to see if we get any idea when constructing our.

We started with the most stylish looks that count with the Blazer as the greatest of allies to finalize and complete the look. We can find proposed Polo in Celestial blue of the photography in which the blazer at celestial tones contrasts with the dark blue trousers of bass returned as.

The Pearl Grey and the ash they are always recommended elections. Not only because it is a color summer but because it also combines perfectly with the neutral colors, with cakes, enhances the figure and rarely at odds.

More sober options in point yarn in Slate Grey combined with Chinese pants in Pearl-Grey and white camia game. Male looks that, without losing freshness, appear to be elegant, sober and formal.

More options thanks to the strong shades like this blazer the color Cerulean blue, double-breasted triple breasted you prefer to take advantage of the colors combined with Shirt Pink chewing gum on the ground substance of pants and the foulard as final detail.

If we want something more informal, we can always resort to combine it with t-shirt instead of shirt that will give you a look much more urban and casual, the preppy aesthetic that some fleeing both hate & #8230;

… or simply with more colorful shirts, proposed in denim, without having to go inside the pants, with total absence of plug-ins and with much less stylish footwear, betting on the sneakers for example to achieve this end.

In regards to the rest of garments, point and silk sweaters v-neck and colors earthy to merge with blue white or blue shirts.

Also find jackets, or opt for denim or metallic point, with mao collars and sleeves gathered (for my taste too much & #8230;

… or follow a aesthetically more similar to the Harrington Although stamped tartan of the interior is leave it to vichy box shirts think they know to deal with it much better. The result is a much more balanced, youthful and carefree.

In summary, quite varied even within the same registration proposals always, with room for color in their blazer and their polo shirts and above all many ideas (and very cool) on what they understand as the perfect look according to the trends for this season Spring/summer 2012.