Why Do We Need a Sports Bra

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A well thought sports lingerie, through university research

A survey reveals that 56% of women experience pain because of the rebound of the breasts during exercise: the sloshing is the phenomenon whereby every woman faces, regardless of its size of CAP and the firmness of her breasts. The chest is not a muscle. Indeed, breast tissue are retained only not the delicate ligaments (ligament of Cooper) that stretch during the movements. If this happens frequently, breasts quickly lose their shape and their firmness.

The majority of the classic bra are not suitable for physical exercise: a good sport bra chosen, reduced this phenomenon of ballotement.
Lingerie-sport meets the requirements of female athletes or occasional sports. We have the experience to bring you a wide range of sports bra made by real specialists.

Why Do Need Me A Sports Bra?

The sport has strained the chest

As part of the work towards the University of Portsmouth, the researcher Joanna Scurr recruited 70 women representing, according to her, “the broader range of shapes of breasts never studied to date”. According to observations, movements which under the breasts during exercise, even moderate, are much more important that it believed so far. While the BRA are designed for a maximum displacement of 16 cm, the British scientist has shown that breasts could move in 21 cm during a regular workout.

Another example, now take the example of a 400g breast. (90 (B) :
On impact in the practice of sports like Yoga, Pilates… breast “weighs” three times more, or 1200 g. A sport like tennis, jogging, horse riding… breast “weighs” five times more, or 2000g. And during jogging, for example, the chest balance of 9 centimeters during each stride and so 84 meters during a 1 km race. !!

No matter the size of the breasts, the effect of movements on the chest is the same. For women who wear a bra of sport with a CAP, the movement of the breasts is reduced of 53% and 55% for those who wear a G Cup. In addition, BRA manufacturers take into account mainly of the movement up and down. However, they neglect travel front/rear, and side clearly measured by the scientist. Joanna Scurr, an expert in Biomechanics of the breast works hand in hand with manufacturers to develop ever more efficient sport bra. A well-designed sports bra relieves the pain of women in 80% of cases.

In conclusion:

A Sports Bra is An Essential Equipment

The sports bra is also choice as running shoes.

Take Your Measurements Every Year

The size of a woman’s breast (technical guide link) can change quickly: loss or gain weight, pregnancies, variations according to age… a proper size will optimize the maintenance of your sports bra.

The intensity of sports activity determines the level of maintenance

It’s the intensity of the sport and the depth of bonnet that determine the choice of the level of maintenance of your sports bra.