Why Give a Vintage Gift This Christmas

One of the aspects we like most about Christmas is to express through gifts the esteem we feel for our family and friends. We love to see their faces of surprise when opening the gifts and to know that we have been successful with the election.

But there comes a time that even the most imaginative person asks what to give, especially when the commitments multiply, as with the funny invisible friends that are celebrated at this time.

In all these cases, simplyyellowpages will suggests: vintage.

Garments, accessories, accessories … In The Vintage Mannequin you will find countless gift ideas, both practical and romantic.

Reasons why you give a vintage gift this Christmas:

  • You give a unique object that you will not see in another place, and if you get to see it, it is part of a very exclusive edition, as with books.
  • You add a new chapter to the history of that accessory with decades of life.
  • Or get excited about those collectibles that express the emotions of the time, like vinyls.
  • Collecting is still a very exciting activity, especially when dealing with curious objects.
  • You can wear garments and accessories from brands that no longer exist or from designers who established current trends.
  • Unlike much of the fashion you find on the market, vintage is a craft, a painstaking work of many hours, both design and production.
  • Because wearing clothes from another era makes you feel a little in it.
  • Buy at The Vintage Mannequin is to bet on the proximity trade and personalized attention.
  • You get away from the typical, endless tails to get the gifts.
  • And remember that vintage combines wonderfully with seasonal clothing.

We hope to have convinced you to give the step of giving vintage this Christmas. And if you are interested in any of the ideas that Silvia Moyano has gathered for this special occasion, call us at 934 184 175 or leave us a message in the our site

We wish you good Christmas shopping!