Why Should You Wear a Sports Bra

For you must wear a sports bra

If you are a woman this article will interest you more than the point… men that may also interest you.

Support sport perfectly adapted to the size of the breasts is as important as a good pair of shoes for your Jiwok training.

Unfortunately, of many misconceptions on the anatomy and health of the female breast!

The breast is based on chest; It is maintained by ligaments, ligament of Cooper, what you need to save.

During physical activity, the chest is subject to large movements and a rebound phenomenon which can cause a loosening of its ligaments and progressive sagging of breasts.

Indeed, because it consists of a succession of jumps to the difference in the market, running especially submits the breasts to complex movements that can scar them by being very painful.

To avoid this, the wearing a bra fits sport is strongly recommended!

It is useful to know a breast that weighs 400 g’s with a jump of 1 meter weigh almost one kilo to definitely be convinced!

Yet prejudices abound and are still breasts straining.

The right column lists some of the misconceptions about the anatomy and behavior of the breasts to the effort.

A statement repeated many times is that certain exercises can restore to breasts their original shape, thus encouraging a beginning of pulling of ligaments of Cooper.

It’s totally false! Once the chest is no longer maintained by these suspenseurs ligaments, no exercise can naturally restore its original shape.

A relaxation of these ligaments is irremediable.

It is also common to hear that small breasts need not peacekeeping. Fake!

Even small breasts are sensitive to the TG of the race walk; in the long run, these vibrations could destroy the fibers of the connective tissue.

(the running is considered a sport extreme for the bust of women, bike and elliptical can be as extreme).

I also remind you that there is support-Georges to run music here.

So remember to buy a special sports bra from BRACLASSIFIED before starting your Jiwok training session!