WIKO Darkside: Cheap Phablet in HTC One Look In The Test

The manufacturer of WIKO is in this country hardly known, in France but the manufacturer has become the number one in online sales of smart phones without a contract. Reason enough to take for us, the cheap Phablet WIKO Darkside under the magnifying glass, whose Optik strongly resembling the HTC one. The Wiko Darkside is hardware quite expensive high-end smartphones to compare, if you read the data sheet: 5, 7″ HD IPS display, quad-core processor and a 12 megapixel camera includes features of the Android Smartphone that is offered for a reasonable MSRP of only 299,-euro.

WIKO provides cheap smartphones on Mediatek chipset based. This is the Wiko Darkside the largest model in the offer of the French manufacturer and falls with a large 5, 7″ display looking in the category Phablet or Smartlet (smartphones with display from 5″ diagonal).

Consistently, the manufacturer uses Mediatek chipsets and a differentiated product design: the WIKO Darkside is similar to any other smartphone in the WIKO product range, but sets itself through its back metal look an another Smartphone of manufacturer HTC one visually how also haptically. I.e. There is no, as Sony and HTC, a “design line”, but each Wiko Smartphone has its individual look and feel with different materials.

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Included with the WIKO Darkside

The packaging of the WIKO Darkside is small and also no wonder at the contents are accordingly to be expected: it is of course the Smartphone itself. Next to it is a charger (by the way, with conspicuously long USB cable in flat design!) which 2600 mAh battery, an in-ear headphones (also with very long cable), a booklet with the Garantiebedinungen and a small manual included. The packaging of all WIKO smartphones incidentally just provides an overview of specifications, as you can well see in the following pictures.

Design and processing

The Wiko Darkside is first of all a great Smartphone that is not necessarily suitable for your Pocket – not a criticism it’s at this point, but only an explicit indication that it is a mature Phablet. As also the Sony Xperia Z Ultra or the Samsung Galaxy touch 3 is the WIKO Darkside neither beautifully to make phone calls, still the Smartphone is particularly well suited to put it in your pocket.

  • Dimensions: 161 x 82.5 x 9.3 mm
  • Weight: 191 g

With its size and its weight note 3, it is quite comparable with the Samsung Galaxy, it is only about 1mm thicker and heavier than the Samsung Phablet 23 g. This is the Wiko Darkside thanks to its rounded forms well in hand. The back of the Smartphone is in the test variation in the colour combination silver-coloured aluminium, which is adorned by a discreet WIKO logo in the middle. In contrast to other new Android smartphones, below a number is located on the front touch buttons – these are implemented now usually directly in the display (which some pixels lost).

Increasing theme in high-end smartphones is a narrow display frame, which is at least partially available even with the WIKO Darkside: Although the WIKO Darkside can not compete with the Primus LG G2 (2, 65 mm display frame), the frame is but also not really thick left and right with about 4 mm. Overall, the Wiko Darkside with its design and processing makes a significant impression, you certainly don’t expect from such a cheap Smartphone. The independence of the optics is although omitted due to the significant optical proximity, but what the heck: the back side of the metal makes something produced in combination with the white casing!

Unfortunately you can also – not extend as prototypical HTC one – change the battery and even a micro-SD card to extend the memory itself. Criticism is there for the buttons with the Wiko Darkside: Both the power button and the volume rocker not clearly haptic are differentiated from the housing and work when you press slightly spongy, i.e. a clear pressure point is not to feel. Overall effect the WIKO Darkside yet very high quality and can differ not by much more expensive.

Display quality

With the WIKO Darkside a 5 is built 7″ HD IPS Panel with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels. Current high end Phablets now consistently put on full-HD display, which is a real advantage but only on paper. Even the smaller HD resolution of the WIKO Darkside provides a whopping pixel density of 257 DPI kissing just the “retina”hurdle by 300 DPI, where one can see no pixels. In a direct comparison with the Apple iPhone 5, I could see no differences in terms of sharpness.

Although the Wiko Darkside on the data sheet not quite reached this pixel density, the display for me looks very sharp. I don’t see individual pixels and fonts look crisp sharp. I can criticize anything even at maximum brightness and viewing angle stability is very good. Only the contrast seemed minimal improvement (as opposed to the Apple iPhone 5). Overall, the display of WIKO Darkside is really very good, just considering the low price. Even in daylight outside the WIKO Darkside can be very easy to read and provides crisp sharp images.