WIKO Stairway In The Test: Smart, Fast And Cheap!

After the WIKO Darkside (see test the WIKO Darkside) the WIKO stairway in the French manufacturer’s portfolio is the second largest smartphone: it reached the magic “Phablet diagonal” with a screen diagonal of 5″ (so 12. 7cm) and is an a popular smartphone species that is currently very popular with this size so to speak. So the bar is set but high for the test: can the cheap Android Smartphone Wiko Stairway against LG G2, Sony Xperia Z1 or Samsung Galaxy S4 and it represents a low-cost alternative to the square Hirschen of the industry?

WIKO smartphones are consistently based on the cheap of the manufacturer Mediatek chipsets: Leistungstechnisch are the Smartphones so that sometimes well below the high end smartphones of well-known manufacturers – but only to the extent it looks on the benchmarks (more on that later). In everyday life, the slightly smaller performance hardly falls: Android runs on WIKO smartphones consistently smoothly without juddering. Who wants to play elaborate games in 3D, is clearly better off with the much more expensive high-end Smartphones from LG or Samsung.

Who searches but appealing Alltagsperfomance to a good price-performance ratio, which may read like to continue the test to the WIKO stairway. In contrast to typical China smartphones, WIKO at the cheap smartphones with Android opts especially chic and high-quality product design: the WIKO stairway here in the test has E.g. a chic aluminium frame, which was ground at the sides.

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Included with the WIKO stairway

I had asked me at the packaging of the WIKO stairway, why the manufacturer has chosen a such plastic box… as me then but failed the test sample to the Apple iPhone 5 C in the hands, I realized that round plastic packaging apparently lie in the trend. Whether now Wiko von Apple has plagiarized, I can’t say, but the similarity of WIKO stairway box and Apple iPhone 5 C box is already striking (see figure below). So, what do you get with the Wiko Stairway? The packaging is the Smartphone, a comparatively flat band charging cable, a headset (also with a long, flat cable), as well as instructions and warranty booklet. At this point of the test, I better let images speak.

Design and processing

With the WIKO stairway there are two positive surprises, which immediately jumped me in the eye first and foremost: the colour is (in the test: “Silver Grey”) especially, because it’s a subtle shade of gray, which I so not have seen yet. On the other hand, the polished aluminium edge acts implemented high-quality.Small treats that might immediately notice is not any: the Wiko Stairway – like all WIKO Smartphones – do not touch down in the touchscreen integrated button, but also touch buttons below the display. In this respect the entire display is a noticeable advantage really for screen content usable… quite.

There are also downsides with the WIKO stairway: the back is unfortunately out of plastic, although it has an aluminium finish, which I like but better than just shiny plastic. The buttons on the sides look like even with the Wiko Darkside unfortunately with the WIKO stairway decrepit and the pressure point is touch not well visible. Also not well liked the touch buttons at the bottom of the Smartphone: this light only very weakly and go out during the operation of the display. Unpleasant the haptic vibration feedback is noticed also that fortunately switched off – this haptic feedback like me but anyway at least Android smartphones really well (exception: WIKO sublime!).

  • Dimensions: 144.5 x 73 x 9 mm
  • Weight: 164 g

The WIKO stairway is unremarkable in terms of size and weight: 164 g are not too much for a 5″ Smartphone and 9mm are not too thick. With dimensions of WIKO is set sure no records, but too thick is the Smartphone in hand. Also, the WIKO Smartphone is certainly not bad lies in the hand. Average large hands who will have no problems with the Phablet.

Unlike the Wiko Darkside – which is based significantly on the HTC one (at least the back side) – I can find spontaneously no design model at the Wiko Stairway . The WIKO stairway even has a stand-alone charm with the gray housing.

In contrast to most other Android smartphones, not only the SIM card can be exceptionally at the WIKO stairway (Incidentally, dual-SIM to normal SIM card size not nano – or micro-SIM!), but also the 2000mAh battery is normal to Exchange without trickery. You open the back of the Smartphone can be examine not only the replaceable battery, but also the two SIM cards integrated micro-SD slots and the card slot.

Display quality

In the WIKO stairway, a 5″ is large HD-IPS display with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels. To my mind, this resolution is an optimum value to get a perfectly clear picture at the same time (pixel density: 293 DPI) to conserve the battery, as well as the installed processor, or unnecessary to burden. High-end smartphones put here often on full HD without significant added value, because the human eye from 300 DPI can see not individual pixels. The appearance of black is relatively weak: it provides significant halos, which indicates that the backlight is installed at the top. The viewing angle stability is only average. It flips the WIKO stairway vertikel or horizontally, the colors changed a bit – I’ve seen it but also already significantly worse.

Otherwise, the display provides a very good sharpness, which is almost not an Apple iPhone 5 distinguish.In direct comparison, display is not quite as white as the iPhone, but delivers a minimal blue tint, but not striking for the use. Contrasts are strongly represented, and the colors are crisp.