Win a Vintage iPhone 6 Plus on 16 GB from Internetages

iPhone 6 Plus is certainly one of the most popular iPhone editions and smartphones in the world. Now we’re giving you the chance to win it!

Win iPhone 6 Plus

Internetages has been online for over 10 years, and we have a product range of more than 100,000 different products. That is why we have a strong position in the mobile telephone market, but what makes us unique is that we try to give you personal attention, and give you different deals, discounts and opportunities in addition to good prices and good service. An internetages membership is one of these opportunities, and we are known for great prizes, which will be handed out each month.

How can you win an iPhone 6 Plus?

Win a Vintage iPhone 6 Plus on 16 GB from Internetages

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

This month you can win a gold iPhone 6 Plus 16 GB. And it is quite easy to be included in the draw.

1. Become a member of Internetages – it is 100% free!
2. Buy something for yourself, or surprise your loved ones
3. That’s it – you’ll automatically be in the draw

All members who have acted in a Trendy-during this month, is automatically included in the draw, and all participants have the same chance of winning and competition applies to all stores.

But it is not the whole thing. If you become a member of Internetages, you’ll get exclusive special offers, 7% discount on our products and discount on the tablet and mobile repairs under 1000 DK with more.

The winner will be drawn d. 03.02.2015. 🙂 Best of luck!