Windows Phone Surpasses the iPhone in Seven Countries

Here is some interesting news which could worry Apple.

Windows Phone is a promising platform with a good appearance and flexibility, but unfortunately it is, without some official sales figures, difficult to know more about the platform’s success. According to Microsoft, is that some countries, in which the company’s operating system is more popular than Apple’s iPhone. In a blog post writes Microsoft’s Windows Phone had better sales than iPhone in seven countries in the fourth quarter last year, but has not revealed which countries we are talking about.

Windows Phone smartphones

According to some sources, Windows Phone OS is mainly popular in countries where Nokia previously had large market shares. In these countries, the interest in the iPhone is not so great because of the high price and lack of support from the mobile operators. It is difficult to draw some conclusions from this information, but one thing is certain: Quiet, but surely, Microsoft increases its presence in the market.

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