Winter Outfits with Sweaters

You can be trendy even in the cold here is the outfit with winter sweater, the most beautiful models to choose from and style tips to be fashionable. Cardigans, pullovers, sweaters of course… there’s a lot of types: from those very short and tight to oversized models that are almost dressed. One thing is certain: few have a regular shape, are all apparently quite tell, but if combined with wisdom and taste are obtained excellent results (do not worry, the homeless effect is avoided!). The cold season is here and now is the right time to take a look at the trendy sweaters for the winter 2015, and the best way to wear them.

Oversized Sweater

The sweater has no half-measures: it must be plentiful, warm and opaque. The model must have this year is very long and wide. At first glance it feels like you have the wrong size but, when worn, will give character and personality to your outfit. You can combine them with almost everything you could want: jeans, skirt or leather pants, just make sure that the colors are good to each other!
Very Short Sweater

We go from one extreme to another: on one hand you use oversized models, on the other we have the microscopic sweaters, short and narrow, which would seem to be good for a 5 year old child. They are an absolute novelty in the wardrobe of the girls, but you can tell that they are actually drawing the crowds. You can find both plain colors and imagination and combine well with any pair of jeans or trousers, provided with a high waist. The skirt also is perfect, both mini longuette that, the important thing is to let glimpse the thread of skin.
Cardigan For Winter 2015

The cardigan has always been an unfailing and comfortable garment for all occasions. Its beauty is that reveals what you wear underneath, allowing you to play with different combinations of colors and shapes to achieve that “layered” to dress up at every opportunity.

Under the cardigan you can wear colored shirts, high-waisted skirts and dresses with rhinestones. In short, our advice is to choose a very simple model and plain worn unbuttoned, and then pick any with the rest of the look.
Sweater Asymmetric And Geometric

The fashion never puts limits the imagination and creates original woolen garments and really strange shapes. If a gray pullover and linear may be quite trivial, those triangular, trapezoidal, or with geometric patterns or psychedelic not at all. The poncho sweaters, for example, are lively and colorful, perfect to give an original touch to your outfit to grab attention. They are suitable both during the day, for the look of a party like the one pictured.
Colorful Sweater And Witty

There are the colored sweatshirts and written, but the sweaters are no different! You can find them with polka dots, flowers, stripes or winter and Christmas theme. Typically these pullovers have a simple line, but offset by original and fun designs. Put it together with a pair of jeans or a plain skirt to school together for a day or an afternoon with friends!

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