Winter Sweater Trends

The cardigan is undoubtedly a cult item for the coming season. Thetrends for the winter are clear and combinations achievable arouse the interest of all the fashion addicted.

The cardigan sweater,  which opens with buttons or zipper on the front like a jacket, and owes its name to James Brudenell, Earl of Cardigan and the British army commander, who carried out his service during the Crimean War. The chief, who was born for men’s clothing, over the years has proved increasingly popular among women, both with the classic twinset alone, thanks to its versatility.

Here is a small guide from which to take inspiration to know what will be the trend for the winter cardigans and know how to match them.

Massive, long and enveloping.The first type of cardigan to consider is this. A type over, hugging the body and heats it. Ideal to wear with shorts and heavy socks clothes. The sneakers is undoubtedly the shoe that is better suited to enhance this model, but also with the biker is not mistaken.The jeans is fine with a cardigan that reaches the ankles, or so on. The model of jeans to choose from is skinny, a little flare would give an optical illusion graceful. Abbinateci a pullover sweater knit cardigan in the same shades. It too will be over and soft, perfectly Boyfriend.

Another cardigan model that is literally depopulating is the opposite of the first.Micro, adherent and thin. Ideal to carry on pencil skirt and cigarette pants. Alone or with a sweet life tonal below, chic and glamorous. The extra touch?A scarf knotted around his neck.

If the drapery is your thing this year will be spoiled for choice.Many are, in fact, the designers who have proposedcardigan draped with long and winding ends. The perfect outfit can be coupled with a plain t shirt and trousers, or slightly flared jeans. The shoe should be absolutely heeled and the colors should harmonize with each other.

The particularity, true protagonist, is that of the use of unusual materials and different for the realization of fashionable cardigan. The scuba fabric is the undisputed king, rigid and structured. Gauze-woven Also, recommended for those who suffer from cold, they are a real trend. Overlaps between games Pile fabrics will give your cardigan air current and extreme tendency. Even the ‘faux leather dresses this fall a variety of cardigans. Alone or in combination with more conventional materials such as wool or merino, make your current boss and never dull.