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A Plus Size Model Tells You How To Set Your Curves Correctly.

The constant slimming down of the screening ladies in the magazines and on the catwalks of this world confronts us daily with the feeling that the own somewhat curvaceous body rather does not correspond to the ideal. With concealing dresses, contourless tops and wide-cut trousers, the popular XXL women’s fashion promoted and promoted the impression of a veil of feminine curves.

But now more and more women question that. The call for trendy outfits-even for large sizes-gets louder.The answer? Plus-Size-Fashionmagazine and Fashionshows, which once and for all clarify that curves are beautiful and can be shown. SPARWELT reveals the trends that make you perfect.

To this end, we got two experts on the boat, who give you their tips and tricks. Silvana Denker is a plus size model and photographer and presents clothes for brands like Sheego, Ulla Popken or Navabi. Reah Norman is Senior Fashion Director at PLUS Magazine and a successful stylist of XXL celebrities. “I think the biggest challenge for chubby women is the lack of choice of fashion compared to normal-size clothing.” It took a long time for Plus-Size Fashion to become established Want more, more, more! We need more trendy fashion in all price categories for plus size women in every age group and for every individual style! ”

The 8 most important fashion-do’s for chubby women

Every curvy woman should have a pencil skirt in the wardrobe, “advises Silvana Denker. The model also recommends to pay attention to the physique. “A woman with long slender legs needs a nice tube of jeans.Emphasize the part of your body that you find particularly attractive. “Here are the eight most important styling tips for women with large sizes at a glance:

1. Good distraction: Emphasize your merits and distribute skillfully from your problem zones. A beautiful cleavage is always an eye-catcher. Even a beautiful back can delight – backless dresses are a highlight at every party. Likewise, you can concentrate on your beautiful face and make your lips color to the eye or to score with a fancy hairstyle.

2. Refined concealed: Black and other dark colors are optically slender due to the lack of light reflexion. This is an old rule that is still true. But do not just look at the dazzling funeral look: Colorful accessories loosen up.

3. Elegantly adorned: accessories – such as eye-catching earrings, handbags or colorful scarves – also fulfill a very useful purpose, namely to direct the eyes. The great statement chains, which resemble a collar, you can wear this season to simple tops.

  1. Curvaceous Curvature : Choosing proper clothes for your character does not mean you have to grab the sack. Voluminous garments, which are mostly overpriced, can even be counterproductive and make you look even more full. Bring your figure into balance by defining your proportions. Suitable for this are waist belts or tops with an Empire cut.
  2. Fine and flowing:Flowing fabrics that flatter smoothly and loosely around the curves (such as silk) are better than fabrics that adhere to the skin and surrender to everything below.Shapewear is a remedy, which we will discuss in more detail. With the shaping underwear you can contain this problem considerably.
  3. Light and airy:You can pull transparent, airy blouses and tunics well over tightly fitting tops.This fits both the skirt and the pants.
  4. Highly effective:High shoes make the legs look longer. However, you should do without too narrow paragraphs: Those who are not accustomed to run on it, could quickly waver. Visually, wider heels are the better choice.
  5. Everythingon the length : Jersey dresses and wrap-around tops flatter the figure in many cases. Also zippers and longitudinal button plackets are optical slimming products.

Are there fashion don’ts?

“There is no such thing as a fashion-no-go. I think everyone should wear what they like. “Silvana Denker talks so many curvy women out of the soul. The trends from the US also show that thinking about XXL ladies’ fashion is a thing of the past. Great patterns, figurative looks can also look attractive to plus-size fashionvictims. “I’ve also seen plus-size models with a belly-free top that looked quite fantastic,” says Denker.The important thing is that the clothes look carefully at the right places. And this simple guideline applies not only to oversizes.

Celebrity stylist Reah Norman – who is also very fond of wearing great patterns – has compiled the three basic figurines of the curvy woman and designed a vivid style guide. We have presented this for you in the following infographic.

The right combination of accessories, colors and patterns flatters every woman and brings the benefits into the right light. The best proof is the increasingly successful plus size models. “Curvy models usually wear 42/44. These are now the usual sizes. But here too we have a trend to the top: There are now clothes up to size 60, “explains Silvana.

Evening dresses in big sizes

Thanks to the current development, more and more shops offer unusual fashion for chubby. Only recently, the Spanish fashion group Mango launched its Plus-Size collection Violeta (up to size 50). But also chains such as GALERIA Kaufhof, Peter Hahn or Bon Prix offer a varied range. It is no longer a frustrating undertaking to find evening dress for large sizes. Quite cheap and in a great variety such chic robes can now be purchased from the corresponding onlineshops. The range is from the strapless mini dress to the flowing ball gown in bright colors and wild patterns-together with dizzying high pumps.

If you want to go with the trend, we recommend the current recommendations of the “Vogue”: In spring / summer 2015 everything revolves around red and white shades as well as sexy cut-outs and transparent fabrics. This includes, for example, the white Totallook, which recalls the seventies.

Also in the case of evening dresses in large sizes: Your advantages are in the limelight! Beautiful legs deserve a suitably short skirt or a long slit in the dress, a curve-rich cleavage the deep neckline and beautiful hips a tight-fitting outfit. With the right underwear, your highlights can be even more beneficial. We have an overview for youIn which you find the right part for each problem zone and bring light into the shapewear vocabulary jungle.

Plus size lingerie and shapewear

“I always say that the most important part of the women’s wardrobe is the right underwear and shapewear, the perfect bras, panties and shaping underwear will hold everything together, “The American stylist Reah Norman explains.

Untenrum all tight: Forming panties / High Wasted Shaper panty/abdomen-slip

The slip corrects pads on the abdomen, hips and buttocks. Super is that this under the clothes remains largely invisible. If unsightly bulges are created on the hem, you can also reach a wider range – like the shaping body or the catsuit.
No rescue: waist belt/Waist Slimmer

The waist belt provides a well-shaped waist and a reduced belly. Due to the laterally inserted rods it ensures a good hold and a corrected silhouette. The model of bonprix is ​​available in different colors and up to size 50.

Everything a little tighter: the shaping body

The body provides a firming effect from the breasts to the buttocks. It is generally made of elastic fabric and is therefore comfortable to wear. Since it has no inlayed rods, the body is the least disturbing shapewear. The optically attractive bodyformer with lace you will find at happysize up to size 105F.

Close-fitting and refined: Forming catsuit/dress

With a shaping catsuit, you can mask all problem zones at once. Especially for tight outfits and dresses this shapewear is exactly the right thing. It ensures that no beads or dents can be seen even under tightly fitting fabric. The illustrated model is available at navabi in black and nude up to size 56.

Crater landscape adieu: Forming pantyhose or leggings

Let us not mind: the thighs are the problem areas of most women. Remedy is created by a shaping pantyhose, which tightens the legs with its firmer and tight-fitting fabric. With the 4-pack of Otto you have already provided for four days (or occasions) in matters of Knackpo.

Less is sometimes more: The Minimizer does it

If you want to make your big breasts look smaller, then go to the Minimizer. In general, you should pay attention to increased comfort when buying bras. The fabric should be firm and stable to provide the necessary support. Lace and silk are nice, but they do not really support it. Wider supports are always recommended, as they prevent incision in the shoulder area.

Lingerie and plus-size lingerie

Underwear should not only shape the figure, but also look appealing. “Great labels like Sugarshape.de have a guide on their side, which women should pay attention to when buying lingerie,” describes model Silvana Denker. She herself posed as an anti-breast cancer initiative with 19 other curvy women in noble underwear for a calendar. The photographer wanted to prove that women can also look sensuous and beautiful beyond the dress size.

A pioneer in lingerie shops is the USA in particular. “It is often the case that a trend begins in America and then comes to Germany. But in the last four years a lot has happened in Germany, “says Silvana. If you do not want to miss out on overseas offers like the one from hipsandcurves.com, give our 5 facts, which one should know about secure payment on the Internet.

Labels, designers and distributors

In the course of new self-awareness of curvy women, more and more designers, labels and specialist traders are becoming established. Doris Megger, Anna Scholz or Weiss and Lykke from Carmakoma offer high fashion in large sizes. If you like it more individually or the necessary small money, these designers can buy high-quality outfits. Our tip: Anna Scholz. She also designed an affordable model line for the Sheego online shop up to size 58.

Other providers specializing in strong women are Navabi.de (up to size 56) or Zizzishop.de (up to size 56). This is the criterion for the assembly of the assortment, guaranteeing maximum comfort and longevity.Evansmode.de (up to size 58) wants women to be self-confident and attractive in their belongings.

Established and strong brands such as s.Oliver (up to size 54), Forever21 (up to size 58), H & M (up to size 54), C & A (up to size 60/62) or asos (up to size 56) also offer plus size fashion at. If you want to go directly to the shop, you should first take a look at our well-stocked credit bank. Currently, for example, Sheego offers 15 Euro discount for new customers, with a minimum order value of 30 Euro.

New big-size magazines, blogs and fashionshows

Who fashionably up-to-date And will be able to stay informed in many magazines and on relevant blogs. In addition, there are special fashion events such as the “Curvy is sexy” exhibition in Berlin or the Full Figured Fashion Week in New York. “Plus-size fashion is often smiled at, and the magazines are often more like catalogs and are less editorial. This can still be done. Meanwhile, more and more bloggers have discovered the topic, “says Silvana Denker. She is currently working on the German edition of an original American Plus-Size magazine. “Compared to the American edition, however, the Curvy Magazine in Germany is still very early.”

Reah Norman has already done that. She successfully publishes the American PLUS Magazine. The stylist and career woman would like to encourage women to display the exuberant exuberance confidently. In Germany it is worth taking a look at an issue of “Big is Beautyful”. Here, strong women can find all information about current fashion trends from size 42, career tips and travel portraits.

Embrace your body type-no matter what dress size you have.

With almost 2,000 Facebook followers, dollface.de by Alegra Schminke is one of the most popular plus-size fashion blogs in Germany. But also her colleagues from reizende-rundungen.blogspot.de or Katha from kathastrophal.de report in big style about outfits, current trends or even figurally-friendly cooking recipes.

So there are enough pages on the web that focus on plus-size fashion and lifestyle. We find: The self-confidence of the “curvy girls” inspires you to bring your own wardrobe to front man again. Or with the words of Reah Norman: “Know your body type and embrace it – no matter what dress size you have, use your clothes on Softwareleverage.org to show off your qualities and develop an individual style So you can break them if they do not like you.”