Xiaomi Boasts Figures: 100 Million Users of MIUI Worldwide

Xiaomi boys had started the year with great force, but in recent days his unstoppable maelstrom of movements and presentations had calmed a little, perhaps waiting for the event that the Chinese firm had prepared today in the United States.

It was the first time that Xiaomi dome was visiting the United States, with Hugo Barra head acting as expert in Silicon Valley, and although all were waiting for the announcement of the official landing of the manufacturer in the U.S. market, the truth is that Xiaomi has complied with boast of figures.

Reasons have to do this, undoubtedly because Xiaomi has lived a year of revolution as they walked from success to success, always with the sights set on that first step of the world podium of manufacturers that is no longer so far, but which must still wait for the official arrival of Xiaomi to international markets.

At the moment, the successful Chinese manufacturer announced that their Android-based software platform, MIUI, is already used by more than 100 million people worldwide. It does help that the ROM is compatible with 347 96 different manufacturers devices.

Xiaomi grew 135 percent in 2014, with 61 million sold devices and 12,000 million dollars in revenue, and although it is estimated that the company is worth in lathe 45,000 million, they they continue to be a startup that does now recognize a genuine interest in expanding their markets.

At the moment no data about when we will see Xiaomi devices on the shelves of the United States or Europe, but seeing the numbers from manufacturer Chinese, it would not surprise us that we have more news related to this before the end of this same year 2015.