XPD Boots X Village


With the X-Village, the Italians of Xpd cater to the bikers who cannot bring himself to wear really rising motorcycle boots. They offer a pair of boots mid urban look but solid benefits with a leather ready to face the rain.

Far primarily present on sectors racing boots and road, Xpd enters prom boots leather manufacturers in the urban look. But the firm Italian, still little known in France, does not want to give up what made its reputation on different European markets. The X-Village indeed enjoy a high-level construct that leaves little room for the approximations in the details or the comfort of use.

X-Village Xpd boots: look but protective

Designed to be used on a motorcycle as much as walk once again become pedestrian in urban centres, the X-Village Xpd adopt a leather upper. Very thick at the points that can rub the bitumen in a fall (1.4 mm), the cowhide is refined on the areas of bending and comfort, passing then to 0.8 mm. In order to withstand the rain without having to integrate a membrane in the flexibility and breathability, the brand uses oiled leather. In addition to its ability to enciasser showers, it should to skate and give a certain cachet to the X-Village with time. XPD being a Spidi Group brand, well known for its jackets and combinations, the X-Village Board any necessary shells. Protections are taking place at the level of each ankle while the heel and the forefoot are strengthened. For comfort while driving but also once down motorcycle, the wide toothed rubber sole is anti-slip. It is distinguished by its color, its thickness and its broad white Cobbles, which we hope they will keep their shade over the months. Finally, the initial adjustment is done by laces but, on a daily basis, it is a zip placed on the inner side, which ensures the closure.

Available from 40 to 47 in black or dark brown, X-Village Xpd motorcycle boots appear at shoefrantics.com at €199.90. An investment that may seem so but reasonable in terms of finishing and strength e observation in our tests of the products of the brand.