You Can Control Electric Cosmetics

A novel conductive paint which you can summarily classified in the category of “Electric cosmetics”, allows especially female users for example with a blink or via RFID finger nails to use the Smartphone, or sending other commands to computers or machines. Interactive beauty is definitely a trend you should prebook in the Fashion field, because this will provide guaranteed more often once in the near future for astonished faces.

Electric Cosmetics – The Fashion Trend Of The Future

The video of which is presented below and demonstrates the latest achievements in the area of electric beauty shows mainly the developments a particular designer. Katia Canepa Vega is aspiring doctor in the Department of computer sciences at the University of Rio de Janeiro.She has a master’s degree as an engineer in the field of system and information technology completed and the female the natural urge new high-tech products specifically for women to develop. Technology of beauty to control computer via facial expressions and gestures including electric cosmetics, which has the ability, as E.g. makeup seemed for the Vega a best doctor subject to be applied and the results speak for themselves. You show above all that great potential in the field of Beauty Technology . A video showing it all off:

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