You Know How Many Applications You Have on Your Android? Here Is The Guide to Brag of Statistics…

If you are user of Android from long ago, Surely you’ve downloaded many applications on your mobile phone or tablet, but if you’re curious to know how many are in total, count them by hand is not an option–especially because many of them have removed them some time.

Google Play offers a catalogue of hundreds of thousands of titles, many of them free, and download apps is the bread of every day. If you want know how many apps you have installed since you have Android, Google’s Control Panel is what were looking for. In addition to providing statistics on the use we give to store Google Play, also sample figures use of other services of the brand as Google Drive, Google Photos, Chrome or Google Maps and many others.

What do you do with your Google account?

Long time ago since Google is more than a simple browser. Mountain View have been extending its tentacles into different areas and now have a seasonal services conglomerate.

Drive, Keep, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Calendar, Google Play… The list of services is quite long and probably you are a user of many of them, but at what level? We tell you how you can find out the use you give to different Google services in a few simple steps.

  • Both if you are accessing from mobile or from your computer, to access the section my account in Google you need to login with your user account.
  • The next step is to click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the browser or directly access URL
  • Once inside my account, go to personal information and privacy. Here, in addition to your personal data are also the Controls of your account activity. In this section you can set the areas on which track, such as searches and navigation or the history of locations. Depending on how this section is set up, you can see more or less statistics.
  • We are interested in is Control Panel, a little more down controls activity, an area to learn more about the use we give to different Google services.

This menu has a purely informative function Although you can access your data to consult them or eliminate them. In it you can know how many Android devices have given high with that account, the amount of stored contacts, many files have been shared with you on Drive, photos stored on Google Photos or Gmail conversations among others.

Down to block Google Play lets you know the number of apps that you have installed since you gave high and to see them all by clicking on view applications. If you enter you nostalgia navigating your old apps, you finish perhaps rescuing some forgotten titles, though the best part will be to compare with your friends. How many apps have you downloaded on your Android?