YouTube Adds Button to Skip Advertisements in Video on Nobile

In the early years of the life of YouTube, the very Google admitted that the video site was losing money. In 2009, Credit Suisse has estimated losses at more than US $ 1 million per day. The solution to make YouTube profit was to add ads in the videos, including those displayed by the cell. This week, Google added a button to skip the video advertising if you do not want to watch the ad.

The button can be seen both in the YouTube app for Android and in site. Advertising in video is displayed for five seconds and you can choose to skip the ad or keep watching until the end, as already happens when you view YouTube videos from your desktop.

Although there are no listings for iOS users, but this advantage should not last long: as we reported earlier this month, the Apple removes YouTube app on iOS 6 because the use license has expired. Google is developing its own application for iOS (and it certainly will display ads).

The change is part of TrueView, a model that ensures that advertisers only pay for ads that were actually viewed by users, maximizing return on investment. TrueView for mobile phones is still in testing and should be available to users soon.