YouTube Player Changes, But Changes Little

The Google took a week to put new products and implementations in the air. The Orkut has undergone a little redesign, the sidebar of Gmail was slightly. And now YouTube is with a video player that also took a basic makeup.

The change in YouTube is hardly perceived if you access the service site and look for a video to watch, because you have to see the video until the end. That’s where everything is different: once the content finishes playing, that screen usually with related videos has been improved.

The main new feature of this screen is a button for social purposes, which allows you to share the video in question with various networks in which the user is registered. The curious thing is that instead of the button lead to any options within the player that makes the share, it actually triggers a box that is below the video with all options social networks (Twitter and Facebook among them).

The other novelty, this time for those who watch a YouTube video embedded in a web page any, is in the region in which it appears the title of the production: a translucent black bar now covers the entire region, differently from how it was before.

Small changes that should make life easier user. Or not.