Z Zegna Spring 2012 Would Who Said That Blue Must Always Be Linked to The Style Navy?

How easy is to fall into the cliché of the navy When we get dangerously closer to the summer months and difficult it is to not do it when we choose the color blue as the protagonist of our capsule Collections. It seems impossible not associate blue with navy style but, nothing is further from reality, it is possible to do so with a few doses of ingenuity, dedication to the lookbook and throwing hand to snap-ins.

An example of this is who has given Z Zegna in this new collection capsule that, although in general the collection breathe some air navy by cuts of clothes and especially of the trechs, the leitmotif of the same is very different and the shades are much more profiled not to fall into the routine. Now you will see what I mean.

The concept is as follows: Blue takes the role of chromatic In addition to confine themselves to larger garments such as the blazers or footwear (case of wearing light trousers, as it is the case) and is reinforced on a background of white and gray point, linen and silk-backed.

The style from hence varies and is elongates to where we want, and can build looks much more appropriate, with a engamado upper based blazer and shirt at the same point stung in greyish blue…

… which to break the monotony of trousers have chosen and who usually always follow the same pattern (dark above with rigid textures clear and symmetrical cuts), should take a belt in a darker tone to which we can add metallic insets of itself, such as the buckles, to give a more formal touch to the outfit.

If we want to informalize opted for the Oriental prints foulards that has the signature, such as the Madras, the paisley or mandalas (as a u-boat “Palestinian” scarves)…

… which, given the wide variety of colors in which arises, can get us a trouble to repeat jacket or shirt in an outfit since they achieved, although slightly, changing overall look by choosing a different color to merge.

Footwear is also an aspect to take into account when building the set and support it in white or cream. The option of combine the marine blue with ivory, for example, it can lead to a much more sport look similar to the uniform of the great players of yesteryear after tennis matches, supported by some good sneakers or a nautical game in Navy Blue.

Supplements are another option to inject the blue in our looks: tote bags in Navy Blue, messenger bags in the same color with possibility to add handle to carry over the shoulder to shoulder mode… the options are quite spacious.

Ultimately, that We don’t have to always rely on the navy When we want to get the dark blue, ceruleos or the celestial in our summer looks. Provided let you imagination, we will get out of step with different looks and therefore of higher quality.