Zara Clothing Equips With RFID Chips

The clothing with chips provided the Spanish fashion firm Zara, which is represented worldwide with subsidiaries would in the near future. Thus to be determined, where the fashion is currently in a branch.

Radio tags apply for many years as a way, in order to the better control of inventories.After some retailers have fully tested this method, the fashion group Inditex jumps up now with on this train and uses RFID chips by 2016 in all branches of the subsidiary Zara, which are integrated in the plastic security chips according to information of PROEXCHANGERATES.

Zara-Chef: “We Know Exactly Where Every Piece Of Clothing Is”

Through the use of small radio chips Pablo Isla, Board of management and Supervisory Board Chairman of Inditex expects, that the offered fashion can be monitored perfectly. As the RFID chips are also integrated into the security chips, removing of chips when you pay at the checkout is done through the cashier, which they can then be reused.

The Benefits Of RFID Chips

If products in the range are equipped with RFID chips, a review of the stocks in a matter of seconds is possible. Time-consuming inventoriesfor the 40 employees from Zara need good five hours a day, are no longer necessary. The RFID chips can also give a hint in the computer system, once a particular product in the store is sold out. A message that the staff then again fills the goods place, increases the likelihood that customers will find products from the advertising. A customer asks a shop assistant also for a piece of clothing in a certain size, they can check the inventory from the warehouse on the availability and immediately provide information.